Randiv suspended

Sri Lanka Cricket is extremely proud of its team and their achievements over the years. It is of paramount importance to maintain the discipline of the Gentlemen’s game, especially with Sri Lanka Cricket being winners of the ‘ICC Spirit of the Game’ award for two consecutive years.

As such Sri Lanka Cricket has taken a stern decision against Suraj Randiv and T M Dilshan, for their actions during the 3rd ODI of the Micromax Tri-Series held on August 16, 2010, between India, in Dambulla, wherein Virender Sehwag was deprived of scoring his century due to the delivery of a no ball by Suraj Randiv.

  • Suraj Randiv has been suspended from the next match against New Zealand on August 19, 2010 and his match fee for the IND Vs. SL match on August 16, 2010, has been forfeited.
  • TM Dilshan’s inference in this issue has resulted in his match fee for the same match also being forfeited.
  • Furthermore, Captain Kumar Sangakkara, too has been advised to ensure that repetition of such incidents do not occur, where disrepute will be brought to the game of Cricket, affecting the spirit of the game.
  • Sri Lanka

    First time in history I think a player has been reprimanded even though he has broken no laws or breached no rules of the game.

  • zahri

    @ mota, Hey u are the fool man, see in the finals how sri lankans kick some indian butts, Hey do your guys have any problem? after given out y cant the just walk off rather that starring at the umpire after giving the correct decision.. Cheaters india. They dont deserve to be no. 1

  • Prasanna Wijeratne -NZ

    Hi All,

    Cricket is another great sport. We Sri Lankan very proud about the cricket and our players that always been gentlemen. Don’t need to talk about Pakistan or India. Whole world witness
    througout last couple of decades who plays gentlemen’s game gently. No need any other witnesses.
    Loosing and wining is the nature of the sport. But cracked out and humuliat each other is not the nature of real gentlemen. You guys here posting your comments in anger showing off again who, which nations cannot play the gentlemen’s game gently.
    Be enjoy., have fun ,be proud but don’t humiliate each other and be a proud nations who
    plays gentlemen game proudly.

  • mota

    Why srilankan cricketers are cheating so much these days,(well in the past they were bigger cheater),Perhaps watching the india as no 1 test team,NO 2 ODI team ,Dhoni no 1 batsman in ICC ranking making them out of mind and forcing them to cheat,hope you agree.

    • rukshan

      No dude, the thing is shewag is a beggar ……………..

    • Susith

      This is baseless and idiotic

  • zahri

    Indians are the cheaters, suresh raina was clean out edging the ball to sanga, But he did’nt walk, (cheater Raina) who says that shewag’s out is not out/ hawk eye clearly shows thats hitting the leg stump, Similar sort of a decision was given against mahela also in the previous game against india, But no body argued about it. Indians are the cheaters ….. Look they will be beaten by new zealand today, Big headed indians they think they are the no 1. And also i would request ten sports not to send bias commentators like arun lal. we are the champions sri lanka………………… India no match for us…. Cheaters india……

    • mota

      HA HA HA ZAhri you are a big fool ,look how badly INDIA defeated new zealand and now its ur lankan team’s turn.Also i m sure that lankan will try every kind of cheating to win the final but in the last HA HA HA INDIA will win

    • rukshan

      True. hate arun lal,

  • Duminda indika

    Sri Lankan Cricket Board… ,u r wrong.. No any player made a mistake or wrong thing. Cricket board made the mistake.

    • Susith

      Yes, you are quite right

  • jai

    NOW after randeev……….umpire dharamsena cheated,he gave 4 wrong decision against india, and 1 wrong decision by rauf, otherwise result would be different.

    • Prasanna

      Hey Mr.JAi,

      do u want me to remember how indian umpires cheated in the past.
      do u remember which country`s umpire raised the finger and touched the head

      • rukshan

        good comment brother prasanna

    • rukshan

      get Off guys, we all know how Indian umpires cheated in the past

    • Susith

      No way

  • kaifi

    Indian cricket team is a lot better team than srilankan team,and india will win this triangular series for sure.

    • Hiru

      Yeah, I’m sure that you ppl are goin to win. watch the match today guys :D

    • sanka

      *1st Match: India v New Zealand at Dambulla – Aug 10, 2010
      New Zealand won by 200 runs
      New Zealand 288 (48.5 ov); India 88 (29.3 ov)
      *5th Match: Sri Lanka v India at Dambulla – Aug 22, 2010
      Sri Lanka won by 8 wickets (with 209 balls remaining)
      India 103 (33.4 ov); Sri Lanka 104/2 (15.1 ov)

      Is this the way India gonna win this????is this the Better team!!! pls man shut up!!!!

      • nihar

        The fact is that India had no idea that Dharmasena had withdrawn his retirement from firstclass cricket and is back again and standing in disguise of an umpire and he too has good skills to pursuade other umpire for his purpose. I think this is a breach of contract. Srilanka should intimate this to India about the fact. This is real cheating. See how your Suraj Randiv and Co. have done to prevent sehwag from reaching to his century. What moreto say mr sanak ….. you know everything. Just open your eyes.

    • Gration

      You are the Indian auctopose who started predicting. Hope you will not loose even your self.

    • Gavin David

      not at all India won’t come to the final too.

  • keshan


    we are with u suraj.whatever happens

    • Soundar

      my friend.please accept your mistake,and don’t try to do it again.
      we Indians,always have a soft corner and approach to Srilankans.
      don’t waste your time in Facebook,creating such nonsense!!lets hope for the best in future.

      • Hiru

        This is no mistake my friend. This is how the game goes. Do you remember what Dhoni said before the test series. He said that they would TRY THEIR BEST to STOP MURALI GETTING 800 wickets. What about that? This is same as that my friend. .

  • sachin

    don’t destroy randiv for covring our losses and sanga’s foolish captiancy

  • http://slc udara

    SLC dosen’t have a back bone. we need men in the SLC not women. shame………………….

  • randeev

    i cheated to sehwaag but then i realise my fault and apologised him

    • nihar

      Can you pls say who others are involved with you with this nonsense act?

  • Susith
  • Dhanushka Prasad

    it was good to give a NO BALL to Shewag at that status. Randiv did the 100% correct thing. SLC must think about our players than that much. Idiots who made this decision should apologize to Randive and all the Sri Lankan cricket pans.



  • sanka

    ohhhh Indians r babies!!!! go away fools!!!
    if Dilshan was on 99 and damn indian player was a bowler wht he would do ??
    SLC stop appearing for Sri lanka ,go to India and appear for their stupid team don`t come back to Sri Lanka!!!!!Randiv,Dilshan n Sanga If this damn Sri lakan cricket Bord can`t protect u we can Protect u !!we r Sri lankan we r always next to u!!!! Randiv , boy if needed do it again ,especially against this damn Indian Team!!!!Well done Randiv,dill,sanga !!!!

    • Soundar

      Mind your Words my friend,your country always needed,needs our help.
      It is the truth that the whole world knows.stop your bloody mouth and posting nonsense here.first accept your mistake and play sports as a game.
      It seems like your players have hatred towards us.doesn’t matter,
      We are ranking no 1 in test,no 2 in one day.
      We are better than u in all aspects!!go and do research!

      • rukshan

        hey dude, we are sri lankans Lions, not like you ppl Beggars

    • rukshan

      cheers for SL

  • GOP

    you stupid board

    SLC shame on your part.cowing down to BCCI.an apology was made

    our cricket board is bankrupted
    they depend on BCCI
    so they are punishing our players to make BCCI happy


    SL cricket lovers are allways with you SIR RANDIV!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Some one told that we live in glass houses….
    But u people dont even have houses poor country.

    • cricket fan

      we r poor but our people doest shit in streets like your very poor people.

      • badsad

        hey cricket fan.good one Bro.

    • Drats

      Had enough u street shitter??? Ya mn even i hav witnessed that when i was visiting india.. N i think v dont hav to talk abt their trains o sexual matters o under age marriages people…

      N way to go cricket fan….

  • Rohan

    I dont understand why Srilankan cricket fans are over-reacting on this whole issue. Look, Randiv is no kid and he has committed a crime by bringing the game to disrepute. What do you expect SLC or ICC to do – give him the most honorable cricketer of the year award??

    He has violated ICC code of conduct 42 and henceforth SLC has punished him..rightly. and mind you this is the 3rd time a Sri Lankan bowler has done this against India. Dont just agressively, emotionally and blindly support a guy just becoz he plays for you.

    • Hiru

      What are the first and second times? I’d very much like to know.

  • jai

    Its a very good decision taken by srilankan cricket board,but randiv should be banned for all the remaining matches of this triangular series.

    • gayana

      Indian cricket should be ban…cheaterss..

      • randeev

        gayana …thanks for supporting me but, i m guilty and i should be band for ever

        • sehwag

          randeev….even though my name is sehwage what i did was seweragestuff. I’m not anymore a man. Bcoz men never criticied after some apologize to him.

          • Soundar

            First improve your English and then u can talk about others!! :D

      • nihar

        you better know who is the cheater.

        • nihar

          Hi Soundar,

          You are neither good in english too. Do not try to show your fingers to others. If U show one finger to others four fingers are pointed towards U.

    • Hiru

      @ Sounder – Do some research about literacy of Sri Lanka and compare with you ppl.
      You will automatically understand who need do improve things. :D

      • mota

        srilankan captain is a cheater,he has no game spirit,and just want to win by any means.

      • rukshan

        good point Hiru

    • Drats

      Ya f course because indian players are very bad at facing randiv nah….

  • savan

    RANDIV is a herooooooooooooooooo……… he is a heroooooo for us…….

    • rajiv

      randiv big no ball? what a cricketer……..1 ft long no ball not like a international cricket player

      • gayana

        its nt randiv’s fault..its dilshans..hes the 1 hu tld him to do that..randiv s new to internation cricket..btw he bowld two clean bowls befor tht no ball…we sri lankan not like you indians..we dnt cheat lyk indians..proud abt tht..

      • badsad

        At least Randiv has courage to apologize.What if a Indian did the same.How would they apologize even they cant accept a defeat.

  • Hiru

    SLC , what you did is wrong. you are representing Sri Lankan Cricket. Not BCCI. You should protect your team.
    As an example, did Australians suspend Gilchrist for that Scotch ball incident ? It was a WORLD CUP FINAL! They just protect their player. Remember what happened to Sanga and Murali in New Zealand? that run out? Did they suspend MacCulum? No you idiots! They all protect their team members.
    You people just ruining Sri Lanka Cricket.
    If Sri Lanka loose this series, you must take the responsible for that.

    • rukshan

      I agreed with Hiru,

  • rameshsundar

    A good cricket player should encourage his bowlers to take wickets when somebody on 99…..but sure they are cowards…

  • nev

    SLC shame on your part.cowing down to BCCI.an apology was made,thats a closed chapter.what is D.S.DESILVA and co gaining?

  • T.G. Varghese


    • ravinda niroshan

      i think most important is wining the match for ur country.not the personal milestone,ask from ur old indian crickertes what they did to the cricket,match fixing lol

      • gayana

        indian never play fair games..they alway cheat in every game in india..did thy did smthing lyk this to sehwag when he kikd the ball for 4 runs…no..cz thy only knw s cheating..we sri lankan do punish if thr is anything lyk tht..we play gentlemans game..

        • nihar

          You and gentleman????????????? Totally disagree man.

          • Drats

            Yah bcs u indians dont know the meaning of the word ‘gentleman’..

    • http://www.srilankacricket.lk/news Thinesh

      r u nuts

    • rukshan

      Hey T.G, your not supposed to address our nation like that.
      WE ALL WAYS have SRI + LANKA

  • kalpa

    fast bowlers shld say sorry for the batsmen when they bowl a bouncer, then v cn get the ‘ICC SPIRIT OF THE GAME’ award 4 sure. LOL

    • Alex

      lol..good one brother….

  • angattha


  • ravinda niroshan

    if this sehwag incedent happen to one of our sri lankan player do u think that bcci wll take action?

    • Akila

      Noo way :P :P

      • rukshan

        BCCI? they will never

  • sabih

    RANDIV he did a good job

  • gayana

    different between we and indians is this…we dnt cheat…we dont want to get a bad reputation to the country and the team …good move SLC!!

    • ravinda niroshan

      ya ua right.indian cricketers dont cheat,cause they a good with the match fixing,money money lol

  • http://sangakaracheat india

    complete srilanka is cheater team

    shame on sri lanka board .. we were excepting hard decision against sangakara and dilshan .. not just warnings

    • nev

      you people are the ones to be ashamed.what have you to say about shewag kicking the ball over the boundary to stop amla from facing?is that no shame?is all this fuss all because your’l had fears of losing?all excuses too from dhoni.shame shame shame

      • rukshan

        Shame on BCCI and shewag . . . .

    • Malith86
    • jai

      Yes……………. randiv should be banned from international cricket for ever.

      • rukshan

        not Randiv, shewag should banned from international cricket for ever and ever

    • http://www.srilankacricket.lk/news Thinesh

      Well whats gone is gone……but why is the indian’s making this a big issue,well shewag should thing of his team wining the match not of his personal glory, and sad to say most of the indian players play for there own personal glory not for the team…………….shame on you all indians, and also SLC just to remind you, you people are the SLC bord not the BCCI……………… u guys have to take care of the srilankan cricket team, what happend when are team was attacked in pakistan did you people take any action against that PCB? did you guys sue them? SLC OPEN YOUR EYES DINT DONCE ACCORDING TO ANY BODYS TUNE……………………..

  • http://sangakaraanddilshancheater india

    Sangakara and dilshan is cheater..
    shame on sri lanka shame on sangakara and dilshan
    big shame on randeev

    • rukshan

      Shewag is a BEGGAR, shame on you
      cheers 4 Randiv

      • nihar

        you better know who is the beggar. Without the help of BCCI can SLC send their players to hold a ball or bat? Beggar should always behave like a beggar, so that you can get good begging amount. Do not try to be equal with the master. You better understand your position.

  • MR.Cricket

    Sri lanka cricket Officials shame on u…..only wrong thing wat Randiv did was denying Sehwags 100.According to me there is nothing wrong with that cas its natural. what is the wrong suraj randiv did according to icc code of conduct?then internal inquiry for what?everybody blaming Suraj Randiv & other lankan players for denying Sehwag the century, but Sehwag is no different.. why are we forgetting that he too deliberately pushed the ball for four runs to deny Amla from retaining the strike during the South Africa series.. forgot that??
    so it is not fair to fine our players like this …be fair wit randiv.

    • rukshan

      good comment brother . .

  • http://slc udara

    I am ashamed of you SLC. you are fulfilling the needs of BCCI. other than doing that you should have backed Randiv. It was just a small incident and you have overreacted since Randiv did not violate any ICC rule. I think there is no need of SLC. BCCI can control the cricket in sri lanka as well. Get lost SLC( you have bowed your head for nothing).I am ashamed of being a sri lankan . How can we develop our country with such shameful actions.
    president should take action against SLC as quick as possible. SLC . you have betrayed the dignity of mother lanka.

  • Thilina

    better you people should ban Sangakkara,Tharanga,Mahela,Mathews,Kapugedara,Samaraweera for giving their wickets like the team was paid to loose that game.shame on you corrupted SLC who wants always BCCI money and banning new talents like they were nothing
    At least if SLC have something like a backbone approve this post.As Sri Lankan’s we don’t approve these sorta things which is only done for money of BCCI.Everyone in this land knows how corrupted SLC is + how bankrupt it is.Shame on you SLC for these sorta things !

  • Himalaka Perera

    cricketers should have good sportsmanship and discipline

  • Soundar Alagesan

    Dont do such stupidity in the future.
    Good Luck for the rest of the Games..

  • jegajeevan

    this is a poor dicison becouse randiv is a very decent player that incident is unfortunate india player are very arogant felows

  • praveen

    hey slc where wr u when brendon mcculum ran out murali when he went to congratulate sanga on getting 100 in new zealand…did NZ board punish mcculum..no..they defended him..what r u doing????shame on pathetic cricket board and officials who according to minister the most currupt body in sri lanka..shame on u d.s.de silva and co

  • croshanlg

    Now that’s a great decision gentleman. Why don’t you consider banning him for life.?

    Shame of you Sri Lanka cricket. What a way to treat the closest player we have, to ” the next Murali “.

  • shane

    It looks like a case of SLC bowing down to the BCCI just like not using the UDRS system. India are making a big deal out of this but nothing was done when Sehwag kicked the ball over the ropes during their test match against South Africa!!! Talk about people in glass houses!

  • Kesh

    it’s a shame that sri lanka cricket is bending down to the BCCI. For christ sake then they should have banned indian tail enders for denying Murali the 800th wicket. Shewag should get a life ban for kicking the ball against SA. I can go on useless though. Utter disgrace. Shame on you people.

    • rukshan

      True shame on you shewag (Beggar)

      • soubhik

        What a frustrated person U R Mr Ruksan! How can U say Sehwag a beggar? Have you ever seen him or have U ever come here? Do U know the fact? Because Sehwag is playing in ur country your SLC board gets money for that. You people are really original foolish fellows.

  • chamara

    its not randiv’s fault.

  • Jay

    What a shame , Sanga should be the one to be responsible,being the Captain. As long as Sanga dosen’t “walk his talk” SL team will lose. Sanga should stop interfering with team selection, he need to learn to make proper bowling changes and to make field setting. Undoubtedly Sanga is a good player but there are better players for Captaincy. Sanga please hand over Captaincy to Murali , he may return.

  • Naleendra Weerapitiya

    likes to remind the Sri Lanka Cricet Board Officials that their responsibility is to work (yes, for a change) towards the betterment of Sri Lanka Cricket & not to appease the whinning women (Sehwag,Yuvraj etc.) of the Indian cricket team. Surely they can’t be expecting favours from these whinning women can they? Note that this pathetic attitude has got the toothless ICC to wake up… no other cricket board in the world would’ve let down their players like this. Am highly dissapointed.

    • soubhik

      Absurd thinking by U.