Sachithra Senanayake reported by ICC for Suspect Action

Media Release

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has informed SLC that the umpires officiating in the 4th ODI of the ongoing England tour have reported a number of deliveries bowled by Sachithra Senanayake were considered to be suspect.
Since Sachithra had over the past 2 years played many bilateral/ ICC tournaments and four earlier games in the current tour without any hint of suspicion, this comes as a surprise to SLC.
As however, the ICC has a procedure in place for situations such as this, SLC has no option but to adhere to the laid down process.
According to this process, Sachithra is not debarred from consideration for selection to the 5th ODI to be played at Edgbaston tomorrow.

  • Cricket Fan

    Oh Please ! “this comes as a surprise to SLC” ?? Then why did you video tape him in board X1 matches if he didnt have a suspicious action back then ? Even in School era I remember he use to throw hear and there to get more turn.

  • Cricket Fan

    Oh Please ! “this comes as a surprise to SLC” ??