SLC Chairman’s message to BCB for forthcoming Tri series

I am very grateful to Bangladesh Cricket Board for requesting me to pen in a few thoughts with regard to the forthcoming triangular, scheduled to be played in Bangladesh, involving my country, host nation Bangladesh and our neighbours India.

We have always supported our friendly cricket playing neighbour and close friends Bangladesh in their rightful thirst in achieving cricketing excellence. So many of our national players have played in Bangladesh domestic tournament and many coaches from Sri Lanka have been a part of Bangladesh’s coaching unit both at junior and national level.

We have always supported your wonderful country not only as an Asian partner, but   considering the passion that Bangladesh has for our beloved game.

We are proud that you have produced world class players in recent times. I have no doubt whatsoever that Cricket will grow from strength to strength in your country and the game will live to infinity.

I wish all three teams the best of luck, and sign off with this thought, “Play the game fair and to the best of your ability, keeping in my mind the spirit of cricket.

Wish you all a blissful 2010.

D.S.De Silva


Sri Lanka Cricket

  • Premasiri

    As a result of the SLC management’s policy of allowing our best players to go there & earn more money, the quality of the game in Bangladesh has improved in leaps & bounce. Since the participation of the senior players in the domestic tournaments has gone to zero level, our domestic cricket standard has been deteriorating at a faster rate. Retired cricketers too have gone there as coaches by giving various excuses for their leaving, in search of more money, abandoning the future generation of the country. It was not so with the countries that has well developed cricket structures. The present management of SLC has lot to learn from the Bangladesh Cricket Management of the way of developing the standard of the game in a country. I strongly feel that without giving more incentives to players, there is no way, we could up lift the quality of the game in the country. It is always better to provide more cricket pitches for poor children of the country rather than spending huge sums of money on one luxurious money consuming cricket stadium and I would like to make a humble request to the chairman of the SLC to pay a visit to all big cities in India & see the number of cricket pitches available for the poor young cricketers of that country. A poor child in Sri Lanka to play on a turf wicket is just a distant dream because all grounds areproperties of individual clubs & big schools. I feel all these playing grounds in big cities has to be under the administration of the government & make them available for every young child in the country. The government also on the other hand has to decide on games that they should concentrate more ( the game suitable for small framed Asians) as it happens in Asian countries like India & China.