SLC Demarcates responsibilities at International venues

Media Release

Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to announce the following demarcation of responsibilities at International venues of the SLC.

Accordingly, Mr. D. A. J Sampath, was appointed as the ‘’National Curator,’’ effective from 01st September, 2018.

He will be responsible for the preparation of wickets and grounds at International venues.

The appointment comes, following a recommendation made by Mr. Godfrey Dabrera Manager of International Venues and Stadiums of SLC to appoint a dedicated ‘’National Curator;’’ owing to the increased workload at International venues.

Dabrera overlooked the preparation of grounds and wickets, before the appointment of the ‘’National Curator’’.

Dabrera will continue to remain as the Manager of International Venues and Stadiums of the SLC and will be responsible for technical areas, such as maintenance of buildings and equipment’s of International Grounds.

SLC wishes to state that some of the Media Reports published recently; cited that Godfrey Dabrera was removed from preparing wickets and grounds at international venues. However, the demarcation of responsibilities at international venues was done owing to the above stated reason.

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