SLC denies the accusations against T.M.Dilshan

As of late media organizations have begun adversely commenting on corruption and match fixing against Sri Lankan Cricketers. Sri Lanka Cricket refutes any allegations against T M Dilshan, contrary to the media reports.

We further reiterate that none of T M Dilshan’s team mates complained to Kumar Sangakkara, Captain of the National Team, about any specific incident. Furthermore, Kumar Sangakkara and the team Management have not reported any specific player or players to the ICC Anti-Corruption and security Unit (ACSU) or to the Sri Lanka Cricket Administration.

  • Pubudu

    We all appreciate the stand taken by Sri Lanka Cricket regarding this matter.. Cheers
    But there’s a small doubt that this stand might change when the world cup is about to begin.. as the OLD OPENER wants to play 2010 cricket world cup & there are lot of heavy weights behind him. “Greediness can’t be cured” Hope this will not happen …:(

  • Kevin

    Thank you Sri Lanka Cricket for being very clear on this issue..!!