SLC Felicitates Past Cricketers of Ceylon

Sri Lanka Cricket on recommendation of the Committee appointed by the Executive Committee felicitated 14 Past Cricketers of Ceylon who have done the country proud. This was decided with the thought in mind to assist these Cricketers who played the game and brought honour to the country during the era when Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon.

The committee had identified 14 past cricketers and recommended  to make a grant of Rs. 300,000 for their personal expenses.

The recipients of this grant were:

Mr. Bertie Wijesinghe

Mr. Stanley Jayasinghe

Mr. M.Devaraj

Mr. Nihal Kodituwakku

Mr. A.C.M.Lafir

Mr. H.I.K.Fernando

Mr. Stanley De Alwis

Mr. Daya Sahabandu

Mr. Lasantha Rodrigo

Mr. Russel Harmmer

Mr. Amitha De Costa

Mr. Gulam Razik

Mr. T.B.Kehelgamuwa

Mr. D.P. De Silva

Photos: SLC Felicitation of Past Cricketers of Ceylon View Full
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