SLC improves its speed measuring technology

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has improved its speed measuring technology by acquiring state of the art Speed Ball Radars (SBR) together with corresponding software, which will assist the fast bowling coaching unit to monitor performance & progress of fast bowlers.

The I.T Division of SLC, which is responsible for the implementation of the project, states that the previously used SBR gun measured the speed of the ball at precise intervals, and then made a calculation to generate speed samples to the in- built display. Many discrepancies happened as the speed calculation was made after the ball traveled 6 feet. Many deliveries which were pitched “short” could not be measured accurately due to this. Further only a single reading can be generated by standalone speed ball radar, hence only the release speed of the bowler could be measured.

With the advent of the new SBR’s,  its supporting software saves the speed data, assigns time information, and then calculates distance and acceleration rates for each data sample. This data is then saved as a file on the computer’s hard drive. Since speed, time, distance and acceleration are mathematically related, having any two of these measurements means the other components can be derived with absolute accuracy. Hence the amount of speed loss after pitching per bowler can also be generated to give more insight to our local coaches. Speed accuracy for short pitched bowling will also increase up to +/- 3.06KmPH.

The I.T Division of SLC also hopes to use the same technology to asses the pace and bounce variations of pitches in Sri Lanka.