SLC is aware of the remarks made by Sangakkara

Sri Lanka Cricket is aware of the remarks made by Kumar Sangakkara at the Colin Cowdrey lecture at Lords on 04th July 2011.

The National Team is currently on tour in the United Kingdom and returning to Sri Lanka on the 14th July 2011.

In the light of the fact that our National Team is in the middle of a tour, we regret our inability to make any further comments at this stage.

  • Lathika De Silva

    Its a good lecture and its nice to have person like Sanga there to stand and diliver a lecture like that.So keep it up ur good work.Don’t worry cricket fans will be on ur side.You are one of the Best Cricketers in Sri Lanka and good luck for ur future.

  • chamath

    sanga you little beauti,but you have to answer quiter few questions too.

    1.why are you refused that EG tour ,is because of the IPL money
    2.why are you thank pracident and his doctor after the final
    3you said after the world cup, will give my no:3 position to yongsters (surly to chandimal)why it is practically not happening
    4.most of time you only using words,can we trustyou,
    sanga prove to the world you are real hero.

  • http://non Nihal

    Sanga is the Best …….After Arjuna no one can do better like Sanga. pls keep him in Sri Lankan cricket as much we can. Also ask Dilshan to control his temper with the boys because this is just a begging and also remind him that he is not the grate captain yet…so stop acting like he is the one…be like our grate captain Arjun and our Sangar.

  • zacky suhood

    Wonderful speech. Somebody has to highlight this dirty political approach into the cricket. Why it should not be sanga? He is the suitable person to bring issues like this. Our politicians should do good politics. Our heroes knows how to bring the whole world into srilanka by playing classic cricket. Please let them to do their job with freedom. For sure if they play without any bad political involvement, next worldchamps will be SRILANKA. We wont miss it.

  • Saman

    Also the point that Sanga made about the domestic players match fees and all, Sri lanka cricket is as i can understand pays least for the domestic players within the test cricket nations , what i mean is its by far the lowest that players getting paid in the first class cricket .

    just as example

    ENGLISH first class cricketer earns minimum £25000 per year, Aussie minimum $ 40000 year , indian player gets INR 250000 per match , New zelander about minimum $ 30000 and sadly though a Bangaldeshi player earns £500 per game and finally a Sri Lankan domestic top tier A player gets RS 13,500 per first class three day match which is about $ 45 a day as pointed out by Sanga.

    Just imagine the players surviving with that , if you play for a whole season for a club like NCC, SSC, COLTS, TAMIL UNION, BLOOMFIELD you can earn about Rs 170,000 four about 5 months which is about Rs 34,000 a month and ,further you only get paid during the season only.

    I dont know what they with the money that they get but we are the only country where umpires get paid more than the players umpiring a 3 day match they earn about Rs 18000 which is about Rs 4500 than the players.

    I just want to share this with the readers to point out the real situation of Sri Lanka cricket, for me it’s a shame as one of the top nations in the world cricket pays this low to players.

    payment for International cricketers are

    $ 3000 for a one day game and $ 5000 for a test match and the central contracts is about $ 75000 for the very top player.

    and England player gets about £300000 as their contract + match fees , Aussie are the same and You just want to talk about India.

    as Sanga said there IPL 10% commission to SLC should go to the domestic players, as Sri lankan players who plays in English league cricket earns Minimum about £ 150 playing a Saturday village league match, sadly when they play first class cricket here in Sri lanka doesn’t earn that money.

    what i really want the readers know what state Sri lankan domestic players are in, so please support the domestic players in Sri lanka , at the end its the step below international cricket for any aspiring players.

    • jsam

      what a shame………

      • jsam

        players can’t buy even proper cricket bat

  • kuma

    its correct talk ,but dont forgets ALL players also doing bunsiness also. (viva. hutch. etc) so every body transperants so great

  • mohamed ikram

    i 100%agree on my boy sanga.. may god bless him all the way being best sri lankan truly sri lankan.. if anyone disagree with his speech ,which means he never use his brain and not pure sri lankan… plz give more support to my brother SANGA … we sri lankan love him so much … he is our one best production..
    thanks to him for honest speech …. one day u will a master my dear…

  • Dillo

    Nearly all of the above comments seem to be from good honest folk with common sense. Unfortunately Premasiri S has got it backwards much like the hon. sports minister who couldn’t understand the context in which 14 minutes were devoted to high-light SL Cricket’s short comings in a one hour speech. It is said that a country gets the politicians it deserves, and with more Premasiris in Sri Lanka who will never see the wood for the trees it is not surprising the incompetent, clapped-out excuses for ministers we are saddled with.

  • Darshana Bandara

    from the 101 minute speech he only take 6 minutes to describe political background.It was a great speech about the development of cricket in sri lanka.any one can blame.but it shows the knowledge of that people.

  • Mama

    There could be few groups who will get offended by his speech. They are;
    Cricket boards post 1996
    Australian umpires
    & those two elite schools

  • Terry Smith

    On behalf of all TRUE English cricket fans can I apologise for the number of foreign players in todays one day match. Almost half the team are South African cast offs and there is also an Irishman.

    Personally I feel ashamed that we cannot produce enough genuine English players but it looks as though Miller and his men are determined to go foreign.

  • Bandara

    It was a great lecture.All the revealed are facts,not a mere political talk.Its rare in Sri Lanka,to talk straight forward,with high risk of guilattine the currior.

  • A Sri Lankan

    I too 100% agree with Sanga’s speech. All things are correct. He is a wonderful, wonderful man and he was the best captain Sri Lanka ever had.Politicians can say any thing about his speech but all real Sri Lankan fans are with Sanga for ever…!

  • PremasiriS

    As a Cricket fan of SL I can’t fully agree with him what he stated about Arjuna & 1996 WC. It was Sri Lankan born Australian ( Dave Whatmore) Cricketer (& the team management) that should get the 80% of credit who had fined tuned & built confidence in the minds of our talented batsmen like Aravinda, Hashan & Mahanam (who could play risk-free innings) & bowlers like Murali, Vass & Dharmasena (who had total control over their bowling). If he was such a good captain & player, why he couldn’t do the same in 1999 as well?
    As for administration of SLC, it was him who should get the main responsibility for ousting of true, descent &qualified Administrators (that we had up to then) in rallying around with businessmen. His elder brother was a member of this chain of corrupted administrators.
    Whatever the circumstance would have been his behavior on that day in Australia was not a work of an intelligent person, he had no right to direct fingers at a match official. If he had been from any other country, his cricket career would have been over with that incident.

    • http://no chama

      100% agree on sanga’s speech.Such a wonderfull personality , and it’s a privilage to have kind of players/people who have back born to against currupt.last few years I thought we hadn’t had the players of caliber arjuna & mavan, but sanga shows we are not unfortunate. so sanga keep it up.
      In 1996 world cup , truly we have seen the leadership of arjuna, It was the main reason that us to be the world chamapion.If u could listen sanga’s spech he has mention the real reason behind that us to not to reapeat it in 99′.That is after 96′ power monger businessman enters the seen and they have being ruining that.
      What arjuna did to SL cricket is unmatch and can not compare too, pls remove political glases and see his work ,indipendant then you will realize it.

    • Insider

      don’t be an idiot. Listen carefully to the speech. As we won WC 1996, money changed the management. and still changing. we can see it very clearly. In Sri Lanka, politics is becoming everything because of few opportunistic people. And politicians have the control of everything. Credit should be shared among all. that’s right. but mostly to Arjuna and other players. No one can always win. Think about winning at-least one time. the failure in 99′ brought Arjuna to his retirement. It’s not the management who built the confidence in the team but the captain and coach. As I have the access to almost everything in SLC, I know what happened and what’s going to happen. Soon, it’ll be disclosed what’s happening. We can see that SL politicians point their fingers to Sanga for delivering this speech. You are just like them. Is your father (or your brothers if you have) responsible for this, making these silly comments??? If the answer is “no”, then Arjuna is not responsible for what his brothers doing. Be a Sri Lankan. Be a true cricket fan.