SLC & PRIMA GROUP – Launch ‘Coaching Posters’ Island wide

The ‘Coaching Department’ of SLC in association with the ‘Prima Group’ will soon launch a series of educational Cricket ‘Coaching Posters’ island wide which will be displayed at all Cricket playing grounds school / Club in the Country.

An initiative taken by the ‘Coach Education Unit’ a division within the SLC Coaching Department & powered by the ‘Prima Group’ has made a joint contribution in producing this information on coaching which will be taken across the Country to all Cricket playing environments.

This information could be utilized as a Coaching tool especially to all young schoolboy Cricketers throughout the Country.

A series of seven posters will be displayed at any one location which will cover areas such as Batting, Swinging the Bat, Fast Bowling, Spin Bowling, Field Placing, Throwing the ball & Wicket Keeping.

The contents in these posters have been translated into all three languages Sinhala, English & Tamil for the easy convenience of the Cricket playing public junior to senior level. This exercise is a clear indication of SLC’s reach out to all corners of the Country in any such way possible to help the next generation of aspiring Cricketers to reach their desired goal of playing for the Country one day.

Dinesh Chandimal, Suraj Randiv, Suranga Lakmal, Lahiru Thirimana & Jehan Mubarak are some of the Cricketers who are featured in these newly designed Coaching Posters.

The SLC Head of Coaching ‘Jerome Jayaratne’ thanks the Prima Group for joining hands with the Coaching Department in producing this material & also the SLC Coach Education Unit comprising ‘JC Gamage, Heshan De Mel & Dulip Samarasekera for their efforts in creating material that would be beneficial to all Cricketers Nationwide.

  • Nelle

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brhigetend my day!

  • Premasiri

    In few of my earlier comments I’ve classed the selectors of last 25 years as incompetent but If I had called them bunch of idiots I think most people would agree with me I’m sure. They have become god fathers of some influential players. One may notice these ordinary cricketers have found places in every National team though they have been very ordinary in their entire career. For unknown reasons these same people have been sent to every foreign tournaments. The players who have excelled at school level are continuously ignored in order to provide places for their henchmen. As I have mentioned in my many comments in this web site we would be beaten at regular basis by young Bangladeshies ,Zimbabwians & Afganistan in the very near future as our selectors and other responsible people have no life without Sangakkaras, Mahelas and other jokers.
    For information of readers I have attached herewith a comment I have submitted on a previous occasion.

    2 Responses to Sri Lanka Climbs to Number 2 in ICC ODI Ranking
    1. Premasiri says:
    November 9, 2010 at 8:01 pm
    We are ranked No 2 is not because of batting skills of Mahela, Sangakkara ,Chamara Silva,Kapugedara, Mubarak or Khandamby but for young batsmen who have joined the team recently and have maintained consistency with perfect technique (Technique is not all about style but the batsman’s ability play the ball all along the ground right from the middle of the bat when it is really necessary with vast array of strokes) from their schooldays and the promotion of quality batsmen like Dilshan (who have been a given license to bat like an insane man) from middle order to a frontline.
    One cannot always bat like a mad dog with risky strokes to win matches. For situation like in the 3rd ODI on 07 XI 10 we should have picked quality batsmen to bat at No 3, 4 & 5 positions in particular who have had maintained consistency from the age of 15 years the likes of Thlan Samaraweera, Khausal Silva Angelo Mathews, Dinesh Chandimal, Lahiru Thirimanna, Dimuth Karunarathna… ., ( Those who know how to preserve their wickets under difficult situations)
    We cannot win matches by picking sons of some influential persons and overrated players who are yet to learn how to play the ball all along the ground right from the middle of the bat at will. It is disgusting to watch these two highly blessed players with 900 odd International innings between them struggle when they have got caught on a difficult wicket I would like to invite all supporters of these two to verify their ODI statistics in their early careers before commenting things in their favor. The scoring of 50 runs without offering risky strokes is more precious for the team than scoring 200 with 101 chances.
    We need 1or2 Tendulkar like batsmen or modern-day front line batsmen the likes of Jonathan Trot of England, Hashim Amla, AB de Viliers,.. who have no complications in their stroke play. However the incompetent & more adamant authorities of recent times have always wanted to play some very ordinary players who have weaker skills than two blessed players for unknown reasons and above all they were allowed to bat as frontline batsmen. They the authorities have had no concern what so ever of Prestige & Dignity of the Country.
    To win an ODI tournament involving 7 matches, the frontline batsman should be able to maintain consistency rate of 5 out of 7 innings i.e. he must score 50 runs or more at least in 5 innings ( that is what Hashan Aravinda,Mahanama,& Arjuna did in 1996) but with these favorite players of Authorities who struggled to win the Tri-Nation tournament in Bangladesh in 2009 involving Zimbabwe & lost five home series to England once ,India thrice and Pakistan once in recent times, we could have end up at the Bottom in the final play list .
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