SLC responds to “The Island” article

Sri Lanka Cricket has noted with dismay the article in today’s edition of The Island wherein Dilhara Fernando has been accused of being in the ICC Anti Corruption Unit’s radar for the last two years.

The ICC Anti Corruption Unit has not brought such an issue to the attention of SLC and it is deemed unfair that such accusations are directed at our players without verifying the facts.

Sri Lanka Cricket is alarmed at the growing tendency of your newspaper to point fingers at its players without substantiation.

Please note that in May 2009 the ICC’s Anti Corruption Unit travelled to Sri Lanka to interview Sri Lanka’s cricketers with regard to the Lahore terrorist attack on the Sri Lanka team bus.

During their visit to Sri Lanka, Dilhara Fernando voluntarily reported a suspicious approach to the team management and it was immediately referred to the ICC Anti Corruption Unit who in turned carried out a regulation interview with Dilhara.

The interviewing of players after the reporting of suspicious approaches is standard practice and the above-mentioned cricketer followed the correct protocol. The Anti Corruption Unit then followed their normal protocol and launched an investigation.

We can confirm that no further information has been provided to us with regard to this incident or player that necessitates any action or raises any concern.

We would like to add the SLC works closely with the ICC and the Anti Corruption Unit in the best interests of the game and the protection of our cricketers from corruption.

We would like to urge your esteemed newspaper that it is extremely important that our cricketers continue to report all suspicious approaches or events, as required by the ICC Code of Conduct, without the fear that such cooperation will lead to unsubstantiated allegations being made in the public domain, which in term will lead to enormous mental stress and might ultimately affect the performance of individuals as well as the team.

We would also like to emphasise that it is essential for our players’ own safety that they can make such reports in a confidential manner to the relevant authorities.

  • asaa

    Mistakes Done by SLC
    – Punishing Dilshan and S.Randiv in ODI at Dambulla (Shewag’s No Ball)
    – Fear to BCCI.
    – Not covering Sri Lankan Cricketers well enough in international level.

    Now time to act.
    All the best.
    We with you for ever

  • Trinesh Perera

    I think internal fighting inside the team reflect in these types of media attacks. Each player has their favorite media personal and they do the dirty job behalf of the player.

  • Ravi

    Appreciate the work done by SLC to counter attack these kind of unethical practices from the media. We can alway expect these type of malicious news being released about players and teams especially an event like world cup is around the corner. It is really unfortunate the the local media is doing this to it’s own team for the benefit of others. We have already noticed Indian media is exploting this article to publish more and more rubbish news. SLC as the representative of the SL cricket, we would like you to be more vigilant about the media in future as this kind of articles could appear again. We might have to take legal actions against such media institutions to prevent this!

  • Kevin

    Sri Lanka Cricket board, please take these irresponsible media personnel to the courts..!!
    Well, you might not be able to get any compensation from them even if you win the case…. but at least they will learn a lesson from you guys..!

  • Sadun

    very good move SLC!! our media is jst rubbish!!maha lokuwata maadya nidahasata keagahanawa.e unata liyanna danne ne ekekwath..way to go SLC.. dont let this stupid media buggers to ruin our cricket and cricketers..

  • Pandu baba

    Me pahara paththara karayo thamai cricket kanne..!!! Munta salli tikak hari bothalayak hari dunnahama ona mala jarawak liyanawa. Me wage paththara karayan ta wiruddawa neethiyen kriyamargayak ganna berida? Munge daha jarawa kiyewwahama ape ange le rath wenava!!

  • Nihal Dodampe

    he hee..!! gud gud..! u must cover ur players from these stupid media… ! specially The Island..!! I thought the only non-patriotic paper was The sunday leader..!! now this The Island has also become Desha-drohi paper..!!

  • Migara

    Good move..! This Island news paper is now trying to publish all rubbish and false accusations and win the public..!! Sorry to say, they seem to be adopting the wrong way..!! I guess they need professional writers who verifies the information they receive. The present sports writers of Island are just highly unprofessional guys who are trying to get public attention merely by writing something controversial. By doing this, day by day, they are becoming huge burden to the entire sports industry.

    Now, Sri Lanka cricket has this web site to respond to the Island newspaper’s rubbish articles. But, other sports bodies do not have any way of responding to these arrogant and ignorant writers.

    So as readers of sports news we must rally against such sports writers and condem them at all times..!!