SLPL T20 Match Schedule Released

SLPL Match Fixtures
Date Teams Time
19/07/2011 Basnahira Bears v Kandurata Kites 20.00
20/07/2011 Nagenahira Nagas v Ruhuna Rhinos 16.00
Uthura Oryxes v Wayamba Wolves 20.00
21/07/2011 Uva Unicorns v Basnahira Bears 16.00
Kandurata Kites v Nagenahira Nagas 20.00
22/07/2011 Rest Day
23/07/2011 Ruhuna Rhinos v Uthura Oryxes 16.00
Wayamba Wolves v Uva Unicorns 20.00
24/07/2011 Basnahira Bears v Nagenahira Nagas 16.00
Kandurata Kites v Ruhuna Rhions 20.00
25/07/2011 Uthura Oryxes v Uva Unicorns 16.00
Wayamba Wolves v Basnahira Bears 20.00
26/07/2011 Kandurata Kites v Uthura Oryxes 16.00
Nagenahira Nagas v Wayamba Wolves 20.00
27/07/2011 Rest Day
28/07/2011 Ruhuna Rhinos v Uva Unicorns 16.00
Uthura Oryxes v Basnahira Bears 20.00
29/07/2011 Wayamba Wolves v Kandurata Kites 16.00
Uva Unicorns v Negenahira Nagas 20.00
30/07/2011 Basnahira Bears v Ruhuna Rhinos 16.00
Kandurata Kites v Uva Unicorns 20.00
31/07/2011 Nagenahira Nagas v Uthura Oryxes 16.00
Ruhuna Rhinos v Wayamba Wolves 20.00
01/08/2011 Rest Day
02/08/2011 Semi Final 1 20.00
03/08/2011 Semi Final 2 20.00
04/08/2011 Final 20.00

Start Date: July 19th 2011

End Date  : August 04th 2011

Venue:- R Premadasa International Stadium
  • http://google mani

    primiyar legu shudul not bad dayly to machs atho fresh

  • http://N/A paramasivam

    There are lot of young tamil players in North & East but we are not included even one players is it next year included?

  • Harrun

    This will be a wonderful tournament. I support KANDURATA.I hope to see sanaga with good form.

  • Hirantha

    this will be a grate tournement than IPL & BPL..i like to support Wayamba team..

  • slpl-fan

    When will the SLPL 2012 schedule be out?

  • Alamgir Shohag

    We wanna to see more players playing from Bangladesh in SLPL than those of IPL.

  • Muhammed

    only kandurata kites support

  • dilanka

    only R.premadasa groud. think this/?

  • Iroshan Rodrigo

    Only**** R Premadasa International Stadium****

  • chamara

    d s eating our cricket

  • Anush

    So it seems that this tournament clashes with SL A tour of England. That effectively means the likes of Chandimal, Bhanuka Rajapakse, Shaminda Eranga, Sachithra Senanayake among others will miss SLPL. I’m not saying they should play slam bang T20 stuff instead of a full tour of England, but SLC should have been more aware of these fixtures beforehand. Golden opportunity for young up and coming talent to shine on the big stage this is, but most of the future stars will be in England :(

  • http://ymn ruwai

    we woant tickers

  • PremasiriS

    Though the young promising players should be provided with more opportunities, it is never going to happen with the present selectors or who ever responsible for selecting players for this particular Tournament. The Country would gain nothing in playing the local players who have passed the age of 30.


    why? hamanathota & pallekele? that also good grounds?