Soft skills savvy for Coaches

It is no doubt that coaching is the core function of the national cricket operation which determines the success of our cricketers by far. Sri Lanka Cricket is indeed privileged to have a very resourceful and professional battery of coaches that comprises expatriate as well as local coaches with highest stature. Significantly, our livewire coaching outfit has been equal to the task in no uncertain terms with sheer hard work and commitment. Mostly, our coaches are highly result oriented and would never compromise on quality of coaching which is the secret behind their success so far.

While coaches are geared up to take the game to the sublime international standards, Sri Lanka Cricket on the other hand embarked on a timely prudent project to equip our local coaches with vital skills to have competitive advantage over their counterparts all around. Under this skills development program which is successfully underway at present, Sri Lanka Cricket Board focuses on two areas; English and IT.

Phenomenal fact in this training curriculum is the conceptualization of English under the theme “Cricket English”. In developing this concept, it has been researched comprehensively to encompass cricketing terminology and jargon what coaches would find in different situations. Training emphasis will be placed on how to express heart and mind sensibly with clarity and brevity in the most professional way. Even in IT training, it is envisaged to develop their ‘hands on’ IT skills out of the box to enable them to make use of this newly acquired superior IT knowledge in player performance analysis in broader perspective.

This training program has been scheduled to be held over a period of 3 months. It is also intended to do a critical evaluation of participating coaches at the end of this program as it would help them further develop their skills at their own pace, thereby keeping the momentum of learning alive. (Manager Human Resources SLC)

  • K N Sanahasa Fernando

    I am a level 2 qualified coach and also first class cricketer as the moment i am working as negombo cricket club i am really looking forward to develope my coahing i would like to join that programme.
    I have a good knowlege about IT.I followed several computer course as well.

    Thank you