Sooriyawewa International Cricket Stadium (SICS)

Walls of the Media Complex being built.

The Main stand concrete structure nearing completion.

Grass being introduced to parts of the banks intended for spectators.

Grass will be introduced shortly to these banks.

  • Dilum

    Dear moderator,
    Will it be ready for the 1st World cup match against CA on19th Feb ?? if no, what would be the alternative ?? please confirm since we also need to adjust our plans .

    Thanks ,

  • Ron

    dear moderator,

    is it ready for the WI world cup in a few days time ?
    Could i please have a more up to date picture of the facilities?
    Curious WI fan here:-)

  • HAS

    to moderator
    are you sure that these stadiums wiil be finished before the world cup

  • Heshan

    Pls answer watchdog Question?

  • Nuwan

    Do you think this ground can complete for the upcoming Windies tour, one of my friends visited close to this location. he said it may be too difficult.

    also I’ve heard the roof trusses are still stuck in a port of India coz of the container ship problem recently happened, is that true.

    • watchdog

      dear moderator,

      1.from where are we importing the roof for this stadium? said there would be 7 stories in the grand stand but from the pictures only 5 stories can be seen in the main stand? why?

      Please answer..

      • SLC Moderator

        1. Its imported from China.
        2. All 7 floors are there.

  • Jayawardena

    Dear moderator,

    Could you plz tell me why the number of teams for the world cup reduced to 12. In 2007 there were 16 teams.

    • 123

      because of the World Test Championship

  • Jayawardena

    When does the second stage, that you mentioned in rona’s question, start ? Will it finish before the WC.

  • jaffnaboy

    WOW!! Can you tell us when will the construction of 2nd phase begin ? Im guessing after the world cup ?

    • SLC Moderator

      soon after the World Cup.

  • Chinthaka Gamage

    Is there any design for grass?

  • aja

    please, answer rona’s question

  • watchdog

    dear moderator,

    what is the white colour thing which was being constructed at the last picture..

    Also I am curious to know the answers for Rona’s questions??

  • watchdog

    What is the white colour thing which is being constructed in the last picture?

    • SLC Moderator

      Its the foundation of the Scoreboard.

  • zahri


    What type of grass has been used for the 3 venus? Is it australian grass??

    • SLC Moderator

      It is Australian. It’s called “Santana Couch”. It is a fine leafed couch.

  • rona

    initial plan there was another two buildings in both sides of the main stand. but now we coudn’t see them why?

    scoreborads of these new venues are 3 fixed digital scoreborads or a single mobile scoreborad?

    • SLC Moderator

      Yes. For the 1st stage these areas will have open concrete tiers. Then in the 2nd stage stands will be built according to the original plan. There will be 3 fixed manual scoreboards in all 3 locations and a mobile LED scoreboard for all international matches.

      • watchdog

        its a shame having only one electronic score board..given that we are a major cricketing nation.Please pass this message to the interim committee..

  • Jayawardena

    Only few buildings. Why?

  • nalaka

    dear moderator,
    what is the capacity of the ground ?
    how many flood light towers will be there?

    • SLC Moderator

      25,000 Towers = 4

      • rona

        is it possible to provide enough lights with using only 4 towers for a huge stadium like this?

        • SLC Moderator


          • Madhawa

            where is the floods light towers? still wasn’t it start to construct?