Sri Lanka Cricket launches 1 Team. 1 Nation.

Sri Lanka Cricket selects as its theme ‘1 team. 1 nation’, a rallying call to spur all Sri Lankans to come together to support our national team. This campaign coincides with the departure of the Sri Lanka cricket team to participate in the ICC World Twenty20, 2016 in India.

In a widely diverse country with a people from different races and religions, cricket remains the single uniting factor that brings over 20 million people together. Every Sri Lankan is fiercely proud of their team and almost fanatical about the sport that is played in every street, every field and every beach. It is this undying love and fervour for the game, this unifying ‘bokkeng’ feeling that’s the inspiration and essence of ‘1 team. 1 nation.’ It is a celebration of an entire nation’s passion for cricket.

1 Team 1 Nation – Sri Lanka National Team World T20 send off View Full

Although only 11 players take the field, it is a well- known fact that all Sri Lanka cricket fans play the game with them. The atmosphere at any stadium, any club that screens the game and any household that sits together to watch a match that features our national team, is nothing short of electric.

Therefore, Sri Lanka Cricket firmly believes that now is the time that we as a nation should stand behind our cricket team, more than ever. Every Sri Lanka cricket fan, in our country and overseas, should be moved to chant ‘1 team. 1 nation’ together as one, as we cheer our team towards victory.