Sri Lanka Cricket’s Test Matches – Press Release

Media Release

There has been numerous articles carried in newspapers and websites lately, stating that Sri Lanka Cricket has been scrapping Test Matches to accommodate ODIs and T20s.

Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to state that contrary to what has been publicized, the actual position is as follows:-

2010 – 6 test matches against West Indies and India

2011 – 11 Test matches against England Australia, Pakistan and South Africa.

2012 – 6 Test matches so far against South Africa, England and Pakistan.

From November 2012 until January 2014, Sri Lanka is scheduled to play 12 Test matches against New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Pakistan.

FTPs are not set in stone. It is a schedule of Tours for a period of time or a cycle. Boards are permitted to adjust the programme by mutual consent to maintain an equal number of home and away matches within a cycle. Sri Lanka Cricket has accordingly postponed the 3 Tests only against South Africa, to 2015 thereby maintaining the status quo as required by ICC guidelines.

We would appreciate you giving due publicity to this as prominently as you have given to the articles portraying a negative picture on this matter.

  • Anush

    So what about the WI Tests that were cancelled? It wasn’t even postponed from what I know, directly cancelled. We didn’t tour there after 2008. We’re yet to win a Test series there and this was a perfect chance. All down the drain now.

    • Lanka in Sri Lanka

      Yep.. Totally!! What happened to that??