Sri Lanka Women’s National Squad – Tour of West Indies

The following squad has been approved by the Hon. Minister of Sports, for the Sri Lanka Women’s Tour of West Indies 2012.

1.      Dilani Manodara (Captain) (Wk)

2.      Sadamali Dolawatta (Vice-Captain)

3.      Chamani Atapaththu

4.      Inoka Galagedara

5.      Yasoda Mendis

6.      Shashikala Siriwardene

7.      Deepika Rasangika

8.      Prasadani Weerakkody

9.      ChamaniSeneviratne

10.  Chandima Gunarathne

11.  Sripali Weerakkody

12.  Dhashani Dharmasiri

13.  Maduri Samudika

14.  Inoka Ranaweera

Stand by

1.      Oshadi Ranasinghe

2.      Lasanthi Madushani

3.      Niluka Karunaratne

4.      Udeshika Prabodeni

  • Kasun

    Give bribe to selector officials and then anyone can get in to this squad ! So hurry, limited offer! Till their pockets full…….. :)

  • PremasiriS

    Before competing internationally, we ought to have Girls Cricket Teams in every School, otherwise some interested parties would get together, form a team & go around the World, so the Country would gain nothing. Compared to AUS, ENG, SA, NZ&IND we have placed no-where. The media should take special interest in this great Game and highlight value and benefits both the Country & players earn in taking up to this Game ideal for small made Asians, which we can successfully compete internationally. Cricket is a game that one cannot master in a short period of time without starting the Game very young. In playing traditional women’s games like Netball (a body-contact game) meant for strong big-framed women of Western countries, our women’s skills has been wasted, on the other hand it is a slowly dying game which has been absorbed by Basketball.