Ticket Prices – England Tour of Sri Lanka 2012

Galle International Cricket Grounds

01st Test Match From 26th  to 30th March’2012
Block Price (Per Day)
Special Marquee ‘A’ 5,000.00 LKR
Special Marquee ‘B’ 5,000.00 LKR
Roof top – Right wing A/C 7,500.00 LKR
Roof top – Left wing A/C 7,500.00 LKR

P’Sara Stadium
02nd Test Match From3rd to 7th April
Block Price (Per Day)
Sports Complex 5,000 LKR
Sathi Coomaraswamy Lower Stand 5,000 LKR
Sathi Coomaraswamy Upper Stand 6,000 LKR
Dr.Ranjan Chanmugam Stand 7,500 LKR
Marquee “A”  Scoreboard End 5,000 LKR
Marquee “B”  Side Wicket End 5,000 LKR

  • Stephanie

    I work with a Sr-Lanka guy and he said that no way the locals will pay these prices for tickets and the locals don’t really go to test matches so it won’t sell out.

  • Brian

    Never been to a first class cricket match in my life so was looking forward to Sri Lanka v England during my months trip to the island on 18th March.
    However, having seen the cheapest prices of approx £30 per day I will not now be going.
    plenty of other things I can do with that sort of money!

    • Maidenover

      these are not “the cheapest prices of approx£30 per day”, they are in fact the most expensive. The cheapest will be a 50p – £1. Pay on the day.

    • Expatriate Sri Lankan

      Although you will have plenty to see and enjoy in Sri Lanka, do not be put off by the advertised prices. Just turn up at the matches, and I am sure you will get in for a couple of thousand rupees around £10 per day.

  • Ian Ross

    Is there any evidence that these prices are for hospitality? No mention is made of any ‘benefits’ such as food and drink. If these are simply seat prices then turning up and paying on the day is surely the way forward!

    • Maidenover

      They are ‘hospitality’ in the sense you will have shade and fans (to keep you cooler) but that’s about it. You’ll have access to food and drink stalls, but it isnt included in the price.

  • Ravi

    I have reserved tickets for the first two days of the Galle Test. Do you pay when you pick up the tickets?

  • Graham Hewitson

    I have tried to reserve tickets for the Galle test, but have no confirmation despite pop-ups being enabled.

    I have emailed the Sri Lankan Cricket Board using an address on their own site, asking for information and assistance.

    So far I have no reply.

    How can I get confirmation that my tickets are reserved and details of how to collect them?

    Graham Hewitson

  • C.R.D

    ha! ha! 4 English people,
    It is better that you’ll buy tickets day by day 4 each test. Bcoz srilanken players hope 2 finish these matches with in 3 days. Lions”ll defeat poor shameless english men. Ha ha!

  • Martin Mellors

    To be fair, the fact that you can buy tickets in advance at all is a leap forward for SL cricket. However, you’d be mad to pay these price. I went in 2007 to all of 2nd & 3rd tests and tickets were alwways available on the day (albeit i bought mine from Barmy Army and vowed not to again as even these prices were far higher than you could get on the gate).
    My advice to anyone is not to pay these prices, unless you’re the type of person who’ll pay £500 a day for hospitality at Lords- in which case, fritter it away!

  • Andy

    The advance tickets in the best areas are expensive for Sri Lanka, but Supply & Demand is the rule. Knowing that us Brits will travel en masse, where as the Aussies & other cricketing nations don’t.
    Remember that this is still under half the price we pay in the UK.
    I also believe that Sri Lankan Cricket are trying to rebuild Galle Stadium after the dreadfull Tsunami destroyed it, so require the gate money to help.
    Normal local tickets on the day will be very cheap.
    Travelling with Red Dot tours this time & in the past I can thoroughly recomend them.
    They are a very competent Local Company & compared to most of the Tours through British companies charging ridiculous prices, are very reasonable.
    Enjoy your holiday!
    Cheers Andy

  • Shakey, Isle of Dogs. UK

    You can forget the a/c seats all Galle, Sri Lanka Cricket has sold ALL OF THEM to the ECB.
    You could not make it up.

  • Richard

    Please can someone official clarify that it is definitely ok to pay on the day everyday. The last thing we want to do is to fly from England to then find out we cannot get in.

    Thank you kindly

  • Ravi

    Will tickets be available on the day? How much do they cost?

    • Maidenover

      The cheapest will be a 50p – £1. Pay on the day

  • Roy Serridge

    What is included in the hospitality tickets? Food & Drink? and if so what



  • gihan

    Damnn cheap! :D good step to collect money tho for players. Hope English people comes and spend everything. Isnt there any less tickets for locals? We are going thru hard times with the increase of everything

  • lee ashmore

    which stand will the england supporters use ?

    • Maidenover

      ECB supporters will be spread all around. If these were the prices for the only tickets available, the visiting fans will be on the Fort

      • matt

        when i went 4 years ago it cost me £25 for 5 Days, at those prices i will be on the ramparts with food and drink, i’m on holiday after all and dont have a bottom less pit of money either

  • http://srilankacricket.lk Stephen Woodrow

    I’ve reserved tickets for Galle and Colombo but won’t be going to Co,ombo prior to the first test – can you trell me how I pick my Galle tickets up when the suggestion on the confirm is to collect from Colombo?

  • Matthew Vitoria

    I am trying to reserve seom tickets through the website but nothing happens once I press the button having filled in the details. COuld you explain

    • Indika

      You have to enable pop-ups in your browser so that the receipt can be generated. Once the receipt is generated you can save it on your computer. The receipt is in PDF format.

  • paul hart

    where do we collect reserved tickets from and do we pay for them on collection?

    • Moderator

      Tickets can be collected at Sri Lanka Cricket Head Office based at No 35, Maitland Place, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

  • Terry Smith

    Can we purchase tickets in advance directly from the ground ?

  • Martin Spencer

    How many English are you expecting to travel and can we have some advice on cheapest tickets

  • Diana

    We reserved tickets for the Galle test only to read we had to pick them up in Colombo and we won’t be in Colombo. Can we pick them up at the Galle ground?

    • Moderator

      Please contact to the given numbers on your receipt to arrange your ticket collection.

      • Jim Hartley

        I have just reserved for three days, I do not like the idea of travelling to Sri Lanka not knowing how I am to collect tickets from somewhere near or at the ground. Is there an e mail address I can contact about this

        • Adam Butler

          Check your receipt. I e-mailed the address on it to ask about collecting from the ground in Galle as otherwise tickets are held at 35 Maitland Rd, Colombo for collection and I imagine payment. I’ve not had a reply but there are a couple of phone numbers to call too which I’m about to resort to.


    I see from one of the replies above that the will be a release of general addmission tickets. When will these be on sale please and do i need to reserve them prior to travelling

  • Nick Tucker

    How do you actually Confirm Tickets are reserved ? – Even paying these Prices, site does not give you confirmation of Tickets being reserved !

    These prices are reminiscent of the West Indies Prices in 02 or 03, when we all got ripped off – Thought the ECB promissed we would not see that again.
    ECB ???

  • Andy


    Are these the prices for general admission or hospitality?

    I am after covered seats for both tests, but not hospitality. Where can I buy general admission tickets?



  • Kevin

    i will arrive in Galle and Colombo a day before each test, could you please tell me the price of the normal admission tickets that i will be able to purchase at the grounds ?

  • Tony

    Is it possible to arrange to collect reserved tickets at ground in Galle, rather than at your head office. Most people from UK will go directly to Galle from airport

    • Moderator

      Please contact to the given numbers on your receipt to make arrangements.

      • ian whitcher

        It’s alright saying please contact the given numbers on your receipt, but we want to know if we can collect them in Galle before we leave England. These numbers are in sri lanka and ringing them from England maybe more cost than what the tickets are . Can’t we get a reply by e-mail for this simple question of wether or not we can pick them up in Galle.

        I await your quick response.


  • Bruce

    If these are ticket prices for hospitality seats, what is included in the hospitality?
    Will there be general admission tickets availble on a daily basis from the ground?

    • Maidenover

      there will be general admission ticket available on the day (otherwise how will the locals get in?). They are ‘hospitality’ in the sense you will have shade and fans (to keep you cooler) but that’s about it. You’ll have access to food and drink stalls, but it isn’t included in the price.

  • hedgehunter

    all i can think is england must be the greatest team of all time !!! we are being asked to pay 50 times the amount the convicts payed only a few months ago

  • John Kenny

    Have reserved tickets and wondered when or how to pay for them ????

    • Adam Butler

      Its all a bit of a pain really as on the receipt it states the tickets are to be collected from 35 Maitland Road, Colombo. I imagine you pay for them then as well.
      It’ll be a mad rush for a lot of people to get from there to the test in time. I’m seriously thinking of cancelling the reservation and trying my luck on the door as it seems only hospitality tickets have been advertised and you’ll be able to get general admission tickets on the day for a fraction of the price. It would be nice if this was officially announced.
      Try contacting the contacts on the receipt – they may be able to arrange for tickets to go to the ground in Galle. I’ve e-mailed but not had a reply yet. Calling might be the best option.

  • peter jones

    I can’t believe the locals will be paying these prices. Surely there will be cheaper tickets

  • Frank Jones

    I have just tried to reserve 8 tickets for second test. On clicking “confirm reservation” nothing appears to happen. Tried it twice. Have I got tickets? Two lots of tickets or none? Help? Frank

  • Invisible Man

    Not going to pay those rip off prices. Doubt very much if the locals could afford them either. Will probably have an empty ground unless options for cheaper tickets. Think the Si Lankan cricket authorities have made a big mistake on this one!

    • The ‘Local’

      Dear ‘Invisible Man’,

      I happen to be a ‘LOCAL’ but I’ve purchased the so called ‘rip off’ tickets; and feel the better for it. So instead of whining about god knows what – why not fly to Sri Lanka and be a part of the lucky few who would be witnessing Sri Lanka take on their first ever Test opponent 30 years ago upon gaining Test status at the very same ground – the P’Sara Oval.

      I think the SLC has done a brilliant job all round. Haters will always hate.

  • Merf Jones

    Today is 2nd March and I would like to purchase tickets for the Galle Test. Kindly advise how I may achieve this as I can’t find any obvious method? Please also explain the description “A/C”, is it “air-conditioned”?

    Many thanks.

  • Maidenover

    Are there other tickets available at alternative prices?

  • Huw Davies

    Why have you only advertised the expensive areas of the ground?

    I assume standard entry will be around 200LKR why are these prices not listed on the website?

    It’ll be busier on Galle Fort than in the ground if you expect people to pay those prices!

  • Maidenover

    These are the hospitality ticket prices. The ordinary prices will be a fraction of these prices. Pay on the day …

  • James

    Surely these prices are a joke, How much will it be for a normal (non VIP/hospitality) ticket? I assume around 500LKR max as per the Australia tour.

  • holetruth

    Are they seriously charging 5000- 7500 rupees per day?
    That works out at between 26-38 pounds
    I cannot see the locals paying these prices and suspect that once again tourists are being ripped off
    Has anyone checked what the prices will be for the local people?

  • Tom Clements

    Is there a discounted 5 day ticket?

    • Maidenover

      No, but there will be cheaper tickets than these generally available on the door

    • Jim Hartley

      It would be interesting to ascertain the prices for recent tours to Sri Lanka. the authorities because of Visa applications know how many tourists there are going to be and it is probably annother case of english supporters being victimised because of their history in supporting England at test matches

      • WES

        Aussie price was 500 rupees !!!

      • Roger Watson

        In 2007 I was in a covered stand at Kandy and the tickets I kept have 2000 rupees printed on them , thats about £10.50
        Now they are charging 5000 rupees, thats £26. Thats per day cost.

  • Sandun

    if you are looking for your accommodation need to lets us know in advance…!

  • matt turner

    i hope there are some cheaper tickets available as when i went in in 2007 it cost me £25 for 5 days at galle, now it seems the cheapest will be around £30 A DAY. whilst it’s not a rip off i doubt the sri lankan supporters will be charged that so why should we!!!

    • WES

      As in 2007…. wait until the day ! Locals will be paying 100 rupees tops !

  • ian whitcher

    what price does this work out to be per day and what are the best positions to be in the ground.

    • ben

      this is per day ian

    • Maidenover

      These daily ticket prices suggest it’s £300-£400 for the five days

    • Maidenover

      that is the price per day (for hospitality tickets)

    • WES

      £25 per DAY ! Best position at these prices will be on the Galle Fort ramparts… its FREE.

  • Simon Booth

    Are there any hospitality tickets available? How do I go about buying the relevant tickets prior to travelling to Sri Lanka?
    Thanks for your help:-)

    • Maidenover

      These are the hospitality ticket prices. The general admission tickets will be a fraction of these prices.

      • Richard

        Ah, that is good to hear!

        Do you know that for sure? So will we be ok just turning up on the day and getting in?

        Thank you



        i guess you have been to Sri Lanka before, will i have to buy tickets before i get there or can i get a walk in on the days i want to go?



        • WES

          Paul – just turn up on the day. Locals will be paying a fraction of these stupid prices !

        • Maidenover

          you will easily be able to pay on the day. The locals will pay max 100 rupees for the uncovered areas. For ‘better’ seats you can expect to pay 1000-1500 rupees but there will be plenty of these availabkle as this sort of [price is out of the range of most locals

        • Maidenover

          I, like many, will pay proper general admission prices on the day. We’ll still pay 1000-1500 rupees for covered stands, the locals will pay 100-150 rupees for unshaded areas

  • http://EnglandandWalesCricketBoard Mike Trumper

    Can I purchase 2 tickets for the 5 days of the Test ?

  • Shakey, Isle of Dogs, UK.

    Do these prices buy you a ticket for all 5 days. Surely you cannot expect touring supporters to pay these prices ON EACH DAY?


    • matt turner

      i had an email today from red dot my tour operator and they offered me the same tickets as shown for the galle test but with their added mark up it came to £35 and £45 A DAY bloody rip off the sri lankan public wont pay that!!

      • WES

        Just turn up on the day !

    • matt

      would the sri lankan public pay those prices!! i dont think so

      • http://reddottours.com David Hopps, Director, Red Dot Tours

        I think we have a right to clarify a comment made above.

        Red Dot has spent many hours collating individual ticket needs from our Colombo office. We charge them at COST price (although we do protect ourselves on exchange rate movements to the tune of roughly 4%) and wer charge a £5 delivery fee per person which if we are lucky will cover the drivers’ petrol.

        I am disappointed to read an implication that we are marking up prices. We make no money on ticket sales, but do this as a service and this commitment should be respected. Also we do not force people to buy tickets from us. If people do not want to buy tickets from us they are free to make their own arrangements.

        That there has been a surprisingly large increase in ticket prices is undeniable. We have our views on this. But to suggest we are profiteering is simply unfair.


        • matt

          apologies to david at red dot, i did not mean to intimate that red dot were profitering from the tickets,i should have stated that they were asking for £5 per TEST. which is not bad. but more the fact that the prices have more than trebled since our last tour their which i feel is arip off and jumoing on the west indies bandwagon of a few years ago. unreserved apologies to david and his team of whom dirk has been helping me a lot recently after another incident with a ‘HOTEL’ drinks on me when we arrive – cheers!!

        • matt turner

          apologies to david and the team at red dot,it was unintentional to imply that red dot were profiteering from the selling of tickets and i should have said it was a £5 fee per test as david has stated which is i think more than fair. it was more aimed at sri lanka cricket for their amazing price hikes on tickets and making the most of a well supported team abroad a la west indies a few years back. unreserved apologies go to the red dot team for my lack of explanation and fore thought, and thanks to dirk for all your hard work, beers on me in galle

  • J Toscano

    Can we just buy tickets on the day ?

    • Sandun

      you could do …hope tickets will be available…!

    • HD


      You will be able to buy tickets on the day, test matches never sell out in Sri Lanka.

      It was around £1 to get in to the cheaper areas of the ground on the last tour in 2007 as a guideline price.


      • HD

        Sorry that was for J Toscano.

    • Maidenover

      yes, and for the recent SL v Aus series they were as little as 30 rupees per day for the open areas

  • Rob Hampson

    Please could you let me know whether there will be any other seated and shaded accommodation? And what will those seats cost, please?

    Thanks in advance

    Rob Hampson

  • Penny Smith

    Please can you tell me how I purchase tickets for both the tests?

    Are the prices shown per day or for the duration of the test?

    Many thanks.


    • Moderator

      You can reserve online tickets via this website from 2nd of March for both the test, Rates shown are per day.

  • Peter

    What are the prices to get into the normal standing areas and seating areas?

    • Sandun

      it will be about £5 to £10 per day…!

  • Maria Blackie

    We would like 7 tickets for the entire test match, preferably in the sun. Could you tell me how to buy them please?

    • Moderator

      Online Reservations are available from our website on 2nd of March.

    • john

      If you’v just spent the winter i UK then the thought of sitting in the sun for a few days might seem appealing but it is very hot here and being in the sun for any lengh of time becomes unbearable so bring a big hat and plenty of sunblock , buy your tickets at the ground and gates 5-7 ( Galle ) would probably be what your looking for.

  • Ken Farquhar

    From where can we obtain tichets in advance please. We will be travelling from England as spectators. Thank you for your help

    • Moderator

      You can reserve tickets here at our website, from 2/3/2012

      • Maidenover

        The general admission tickets will be a fraction of these prices. Pay on the door on the day …