Ticket Prices – England Tour of Sri Lanka 2012

Galle International Cricket Grounds

01st Test Match From 26th  to 30th March’2012
Block Price (Per Day)
Special Marquee ‘A’ 5,000.00 LKR
Special Marquee ‘B’ 5,000.00 LKR
Roof top – Right wing A/C 7,500.00 LKR
Roof top – Left wing A/C 7,500.00 LKR

P’Sara Stadium
02nd Test Match From3rd to 7th April
Block Price (Per Day)
Sports Complex 5,000 LKR
Sathi Coomaraswamy Lower Stand 5,000 LKR
Sathi Coomaraswamy Upper Stand 6,000 LKR
Dr.Ranjan Chanmugam Stand 7,500 LKR
Marquee “A”  Scoreboard End 5,000 LKR
Marquee “B”  Side Wicket End 5,000 LKR

  • Andy

    Hi All,
    Having just returned from the Galle test match, which Sri Lanka deservedly won in an exciting game. The actual debacle of having tickets for the temporary Marqees B on 2 days was a free for All fight in the morning to get seats, with no seat number allocation, just Marqee allocation with the tour companies thinking they had the right to cordon off whole areas for their clients. There were no fans, but the breeze sufficed. The TV monitors were placed on tables, so few people could see them & were continuously failing. The cables “240V ac mains included” were just thrown on the ground so people were continously stepping on them, I will be supprised if no one was electrocuted? The TV’s were needed as there was no audible PA commentary to follow the match. The tempoary AC Marquees were slightly better, but the side view was not good & you seemed isolated from the game.
    The temporary toilets were disgusting & too few.
    I hear that the locals could not buy cheaper tickets on the day, but I believe they were let in later in the days after many complaints. It seemed more of an England than Sri Lankan home match, due to the number of English fans, 8000 I hear.
    I suggest to the Sri Lankan Cricket Board that if they want to charge these high ticket prices for the English Fans / Clients that they had better get their act together & provide adequate seating & provide decent facilities. Otherwise I & Cricket lovers like me we will go elsewhere.
    Besides the Cricket; I would like to thank Sri Lanka & it’s happy friendly people for a wonderful Holiday.
    Cheers Andy

    • alan dale

      I was one of the fans whom booked with a tour company. We paid up front and were guaranteed seating by the Sri Lankan cricket people. The fact that they couldn’t organize the event was disgraceful. Plus we got there early to reserve seats…you could have done the same. The hiking of the prices 1000% from when the Aussies visited was criminal. Plus the guy who owns the place was really rude and aggressive to fans, chucking them off chairs. The ground itself is completely unfit for test playing status and the terrible conditions and treatment of the away fans should be reported to the ICC. If Galle never hosts a cricket test again, it will be too soon.

  • Shamindri Fernando

    These prices are ridiculous!!! this is not the final of the world cup, its just a test match!! how are Sri Lankan fans supposed to come to watch the match?? SLC is broke and so trying to scam the poor viewers!!!!! absurd!

  • kamini

    We are senior citizens of SL who have been to almost all SL matches played in SL.
    Why these ridiculous prices? Do you not want the genuine Sri Lankan supporters at the match?.

  • paul hart

    Does anyone know if you can collect reserved tickets at the ground on the day. I am not in Columbo until Wednesday.

  • Keith Byrne

    Hi, I have booked two tickets for the first day at Colombo test match. I was provided a reservation number, but no information about how/where/when I can pick up my tickets (or how I pay for them). Can someone please advise. I will be staying some way from Colombo and will only travel there on the morning of the match.
    Thanks for your help in advance

  • Paul Storey

    Hi, I’ve reserved 2 tickets for day 2 at Colombo. I would like to know when and where do you pick the tickets up from?
    Paul Storey

  • Paul

    We are travelling Independently and would like to know which enclosure does the Army have Tickets for ?

  • Nick (CA, USA)

    In 2007, the per day price was 50 to 2,000 LKR so do not pay these crazy prices…

  • Peter White

    I have used Reddot during the last tour and for this tour. They couldn’t have been more helpful

  • Expatriate Sri Lankan

    Sri Lanka officials have a habit of bumping up ticket prices for foreigners. This is commonplace in Sri Lanka and must be stamped out. When I am in Sri Lanka they charge me local rates but try to charge my French wife 2-4 times the normal price

    • equals

      same way the poms charge sri lankans 3 times tuition fee than that local poms and EU students