Tree Planting Ceremony at RPICS

SLC officials standing beside the tree planting location prior to the ceremony.

SLC Secretary Nishantha Ranatunga planting a tree.

SLC’s Head of Coaching Jerome Jayaratne planting a tree during the occasion.

SLC Head of Cricket Operations Ashley De Silva taking his turn to plant a tree at RPICS

  • Isuru

    Helllo Mr SLC Moderator,

    31st is tom? are the stands completed?

  • zahri

    To Moderator,

    Can fans go and watch the test match at premadasa stadium??

  • Isuru

    what abt the WI matches? are there any stands to accomodate fans during the ODI’s?

  • Kapila

    Why do i feel the stadium is not gonna make the woldcup target in terms of completion?

  • Isuru

    When are u planning to complete all the stands? is the ground good enough to play the WI series?

    • SLC Moderator

      Hoping to complete all stands by 31st of December.