Under 23 Division II Tournament 2012/13 – Schedule

Negombo CC Kurunegala YCC Matale CC Panadura SC
SL Ports Authurity SC Galle CC Singhalese Sports Club Sebastinites Cricket
Old Moratu Vidyalaya Antonian SC Kandy YCC Police SC
Wennappuwa CC Saracens SC Kalutara Town Club Xavirites CC
Old Anandian SC Lankan CC Ambalangoda Singha SC Kurunegala SC
Kelaniya CC Old Vidyalaya SC – Kegalle Old Dharmapalians SC Kandy CC

Date Host Opponent Venue Pitch
9-10 June Panadura SC Sebastinites C Kalutara M
Negombo CC SLPA SC Kadirana T
Old Moratu Vidyalaya SC Wennapuwa CC Moratu Vidyalaya T
Old Anandian SC Kelaniya CC Ananda Mawatha T
KYCC Galle CC Welagedara T
Saracens SC Antonian SC Wattala M
Lankan CC Old Vidyalaya – Kegalle Maggona T
Matale CC SSC Matale M
Kandy YCC Kalutara Town Club Dambulla T
Ambalangoda Singha SC Old Dharmapalians SC Pannipitiya T
Police SC Xavirites CC Police park T
Kurunagala SC Kandy CC Ibbagamuwa M
Date Host Opponent Venue Pitch
14-15 June Police SC Panadura SC Police park T
16-17 June Negombo CC Old Moratu Vidyalaya SC Kadirana T
Old Anandian SC SLPA SC Ananda Mawatha T
Wennapuwa CC Kelaniya CC Wennappuwa M
Antonian SC KYCC Wattala M
Galle CC Lankan CC Ratgama M
Saracens SC Old Vidyalaya – Kegalle Col – Royal M
Kandy YCC Matale CC Pallekale Prision M
SSC Ambalangoda Singha SC SSC T
Old Dharmapalians SC Kalutara Town Club Pannipitiya ?
Sebastinites C Kurunegala SC Moratu Vidyalaya T
Xavirites CC Kandy CC Chilaw M
Date Host Opponent Venue Pitch
23-24 June Wennapuwa CC Negombo CC Wennappuwa M
Kelaniya CC SLPA SC Mahara Prision M
Old Moratu Vidyalaya SC Old Anandian SC Moratu Vidyalaya T
KYCC Saracens SC Welagedara T
Old Vidyalaya -Kegalle Galle CC to be confirme
Lankan CC Antonian SC Maggona T
Kalutara Town Club Matale CC Kalutara M
Old Dharmapalians SC SSC Pannipitiya ?
Ambalangoda Singha SC Kandy YCC Ambalangoda M
Xavirites CC Panadura SC Chilaw M
Kandy CC Sebastinites C Asgiriya T
Kurunagala SC Police SC Ibbagamuwa M

Date Host Opponent Venue Pitch
30 June – 1 July Kelaniya CC Negombo CC Mahara Prision M
SLPA SC Old Moratu Vidyalaya SC BRC T
Wennapuwa CC Old Anandian SC Katuneriya M
Old Vidyalayan SC KYCC Welagedara T
Galle CC Antonian SC Ratgama M
Saracens SC Lankan CC Col – Royal M
Matale CC Old Dharmapalians SC Matale M
SSC Kandy YCC Moors T
Kalutara Town Club Ambalangoda Singha SC Kalutara M
Panadura SC Kandy CC Panadura T
Sebastinites C Police SC Police Park T
Xavirites CC Kurunegala SC Chilaw M
Date Host Opponent Venue Pitch
5-6 July KYCC Lankan CC Welagedara T
7-8 July Negombo CC Old Anandian SC Kadirana T
SLPA SC Wennapuwa CC St. Benadic College T
Old Moratu Vidyalaya SC Kelaniya SC Moratu Vidyalaya T
Galle CC Saracens SC Ratgama M
Antonian SC Old Vidyalaya SC – Kegalle Maggona T
Matale CC Ambalangoda Singha SC Matale M
SSC Kalutara Town Club to be confirm
Kandy YCC Old Dharmapalians SC Pallekale Prision M
Panadura SC Kurunegala SC Panadura T
Sebastinites C Xavirites CC Prince of Wales T
Kandy CC Police SC Asgiriya T
  • Sehan

    Why is ssc in division II??? this will ruin chances of lot of young players in ssc!!

    • http://www.facebook.com Lahiru Rajapaksha

      S.S.C can’t go to premier division because their side was not strong. Negombo C.C win the semi final against S,S.C and also in this year they can”t go to premier leauge……………………………….