Young Cricketers’ Visit Hameedia

Promising 15 young cricketers from Development Squad and Max Academy recently made a familiarizing visit to Hameedias as a part of their ongoing skills development training. They spent a couple of hours receiving first hand information covering areas of present-day trendy wear, identification of right fabric, colour effects in dressing and choice of men’s wear accessories.

The objective of this training is to equip young cricketers with most up to date knowledge to project an enhanced image of themselves in the public eye as they progress in their cricketing career to greater heights in future. Young cricketers were given a personalized touch on how to get about with power dressing to suit any occasion, by supportive staff of Hameedias.

SLC staff Administration firmly believes that this comprehensive training program will make these up and coming cricketers, the suave ambassadors of Sri Lanka, which would serve as a certain value addition to their inborn cricketing talent in years to come.

  • Eddi

    @ Harsha ……dude U seems to be missing the whole point of what the SLC trying to do. Try to read previous article and understand what they are doing.

  • harsha Rupasinghe

    This is for the publisher or editer- I send a comment and you never published it. What is the polint having comment secition if you are unable to publish. can you kindly give reasons for not publishing it. I wrote my opinion and now you can write yours.

  • harsha Rupasinghe

    We need training not style. Style has distroyed players. It is time players concentrate not playing U19 cricket but be a national player who can diliver goods.They should be taken and shown war victims so that they will gain more passion. Who ever got comission out this visit should feel ashamed. Who cares money is money no labels go and feed your kids man who made this decision.

  • afraah

    hameedia’s owner is ma own uncle!!!!!