Scorecard: PAK v SL 2nd Test

  • altaf hussain chitrali frm kuwait

    weee r requist 2 pak crk bort plzz pak crk need 2 shahid afridi cam back and ijaz but thro out of bort its good disition….

  • udara

    Its better to have 3 separate captains for the 3 formats. Sanga for Tests ( he never stood down from the Test captaincy). Mahela for ODIs, and a toss between Dilshan or Mathews for T20s.
    If anyone declines to captain, they should retire.
    This way we build teams for the future, wider opportunities for crickers to perform.
    Then selectors dont need to drop players such as Thilan. Dont know whats in duleeps brain to drop this solid bat.
    My personal opinion is to bring Arjuna as chief selector. Have Murali on board as well. These are the real brains of Srilankan cricket. please no politics. this is the root cause of our debacle. Its common sense

  • udara

    best thing is everyone knows whats gonna happen, I mean the fans whom sanga spoke highly of during his speech in England. sadly though people who matter (the administraters) does not take note of a plea. For us fans(Sri Lankan People) Cricket is the only International sport we could follow with pride.Its been the case with all that happened in our country over the past 30 years. Its was a pressure release tool. Sadly its not the case any more. The cricket team is losing its faithful fan base, Please put more effort. Play the best performing eleven. Its terrible to watch.

  • Sam

    My suggestions for the current debacle>>
    Dilshan should resign as the cricket captain and should get back to the team as an opening batsman. Thilan Samaraweera should be a member of the Test side. Marvan Atapattu the batting coach should resign. The selection committee should be sacked. SLC should hold democratic elections and appoint members to SLC accordingly. Highly talented cricketers such as Dinesh Chandimal should be a permanent team member. I believe Chandimal likes to bat at number 3 so he should be given the opportunity to bat at number three and move Sangakkara (number 4 bat) and the rest of the batting order down. Upul Tharanga who bats like a Test batsman in ODIs should be Dilshan’s opening partner in Tests. The pathetic Thirimanna & Paranawithana who are club standard players that score runs slowly with very slow Run-Rate with no rhythm should be dropped from the Test team. Ajantha Mendis, where is he? Mendis should be the number one spinner of the side not, Rangana Herath. Lastly, Mahela or Sangakkara should be asked to captain the side once more. If either of those two don’t wants to captain the national team then appoint Anjelo Mathews. My question is if South Africa appointed Graeme Smith when he was 22 years with NO Test match experience why can’t Sri Lanka appoint Mathews to the captaincy. After all, the way Dilshan has captained the side it can’t go any worse right?

  • sahan

    That is the difference beween our batsman & others. Within last 2 years our cricketers have developed more muscles. In the match If the batsmen wants to react timely, their developed muscles deteriorate it. Therefore better to develop reaction time not muscles. Fitness instructor should know about it. Nowadays some cricketers try to become more handsome by building their body for their money making activities & popularity. It is not good for cricket.

  • kevin

    Mahela says that we are building a pace unit… ok it will be good if we do so.. But my question is why the hell are we giving chances to bowlers who keep on failing… mahela keeps on writing articles on cricinfo but have been failing throughout the test series along with dilshan.. anyways they need to come back strong…
    Why cant malinga play atleast one test match for the country out of the series.. Atleast one to lead are bowling attack until we build a test leading bowler… ??
    i saw.. shaminda eranga as a good bowler.. unfortunately he is not available…
    Give Chandimal to open with Parnawithana… no thirimanne !
    Dilshan should play his normal game rather than learning from the technique attapattu.. evryone is born with skills of there own.. dilshan will do better with the way he played before..
    my team if not for some injuries… 1 Chandimal 2 Mahela/Parnawithana
    3 Dilshan 4 Sanga 5 Samaraweera 6 Mathews
    7 Ajantha Mendis/Randiv 8 Herath
    9 Shaminda Eranga
    10 Lakmal/Welagedara
    11 Malinga

  • Sam

    Where F*** is Dinesh Chandimal? Please drop the slow scoring 2 openers from this Test side, they take the team performances backward. My god, the run rate they score runs is pathetic. Clearly they are handing over the match from the start. Are the 2 suckers fixing the match? Both, Thirimanna & Paranawithana are ruining the team momentum–these two negative spirits should be dropped immediately.

    Why can’t this Panditha Dilshan include Dinesh Chandimal as a opener or as number 3 batsman?

    & Dilshan you need go back to f***king opening position without humiliating yourself more. Idiot dropped Sri Lanka’s most successful Test batsman of the last 3 years, the one & only Thilan Samaraweera. Now look what has happened.

    Plus where the heck is Ajantha Mendis? Why he’s not there in the tour party?

    And lastly, Marvan Atapattu please resign as the batting coach. & I think we all know that we don’t need to mention Dilshan to resign as captain right. Also, this selection committee who dropped Samaraweera also should resign.

  • chathura ranmal d.

    according 2 my knowledge best team for 3rd test..
    Dilshan (c)

    Friends, what do u think about this team

    • Susith

      No, no no… please drop Dilshan and Mahela: they need rests. Why do they have guarantteed places?

      Thirimanna should not be included for the next match. He is not yet ready for Test cricket. He is batting his head down!!!!!

      Weak and feable Sri Lanka. I guess any schoolboy cricket team would play better cricket than this SL team.

      This test team cannot event beat Zimbabwe or Bangladesh!!

  • kiriaththa

    Pay the cricketers please. They have not been paid for months. Will you give your 100% if you are not paid properly? SL Cricket being wasted by the administrators of the game.

  • chathura ranmal d.

    This is not about this match,
    i heard from bcc news that slc have’nt pay srilanken players since last world cup because of co hosting 4 da globle event. I think that is not the real reason 4 finance problem. Main reason is great administrating from former slc president , secretary and our great politicions
    (hikz). They never love cricket. They only love 2 fill there pockets. I think these person must kill by throwing stones.

  • Ajith

    without a proper bowling combination how can you expect to win. Can you see what’s happening even now in the second test.

  • yoga

    mahela did not well

  • Ajith

    7 batsmen struggle to get 200 in the first innings. what a pathetic batting display for the second time on a flat pitch. I still think Upul Tharanga must be played in Test matches and 2 spinners are essential to add variety to the bowling attack which looks so weak

  • http://srilankacricket jayantha

    I think sanga did great job…,

  • udara

    our approach hasnt changed much….from the last few tours. There has to be far more thought where we want to be as a force in Tests. At the moment the batting line up misses Thilan @ No.5. Dilshan should step a side, the team is not performing. The selectors are also a part of the the problem. Even Mahela must be told to deliver. If we can not score 200 in first innings……with above named players, its wise to give chances to younger players and build the Test Team with Sanga & Thilan.

  • Priyantha

    Ohhh come on Dilshan, you deserve go home

  • Susith

    PAK bowlers are firing: good line and length with some good pace. Our guys need to improve their reaction time, that seems to deteriorate within the team