Scorecard: PAK v SL 3rd Test

  • Priyantha

    Irrespective of past (not the immediate past) performances and credential drop all those who perform badly currently. Play in-form-guys only. We do not want to see the same old guys performing weakly. Cricket is just a game where performances are all important. It is only in politics we may see same old guys failing again and again but coming to the competition endlessly. Do not politicize cricket because it is a sport that entertain people.

  • Susith

    T M Dilshan is like Ranil Wickramasingha.

  • Bhanuka


  • chathura ranmal d.

    yes mcn amden,well said. 263 people work in is too much i think. It is better that keep useful and needy employees and other must keep away from slc. And pay well agreement signed players and useful employees as well. I heard a news that some employees who appoited by politions have paid salaries over 5 laks for a month b4 da finance problem. Bt they have done nothing in slc. Even goverment surgens who done a great joa 4da country haven’t get a huge salary like this. I think this is bad to slc and also discourage all the hard working people in country.

  • Mr. Amden

    They are talking about military taking over SLC grounds>>>

    Just sack all the unwanted people who are working at SLC. All the relatives, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts of SLC president’s relatives/Mahinda Rajapaksha’s relatives/Sports ministers’ relatives.

    Yeah, all these cronies should be told to go home. Just imagine how much SLC must be wasting to all these SLC emplyees who are there because of political appointments. Unnecessary salaries, payments… millions could be saved. Just fire the whole SLC staff and start from the scratch with a democratic election to appoint the SLC president.