Scorecard: PAK v SL 4th ODI

  • noraiz jutt

    the pakistani cricket team is very stronges team in the world ok

    • noraiz jutt

      shahid afridi

  • C.R.D

    if we gone back last 2 series that srilanka played (vs england and aussies) at da end of da siries result was same. We lost test series 1-0 and lost odi series 3-2. Even this series we lost test series 1-0 and already lost odi series
    1-3. These things showed that sl team din’t do their home works well. So they do same mistake again and again. Before start a siries they must watch videos that opposition team had played recently. By doing this they can identyfy abilities and weak points of opposition players. After that sl team can practise with a plan. This is the modern way how to win matches easily. Otherwise we can’t win a series. If our players can’t correct their mistakes it is beeter that cansel the south african tour bcoz finel result may be 3-0 and 5-0. So our players may be come back srilanka with out cloths.

    • noraiz jutt


  • dap228

    It is totally hopeless.we can’t chase 201 runs to win.dilshan is the weakest captain i ever saw.he don’t know how to apply pressure for rivals.such a is time for new captain and new batting days i tired of watching sl cricket.

  • C.R.D

    we r really unfortunate cricket fans who watch these matches. I started watching cricket matches when i was 5 years old in 1996. So now i have cricket fever too much. Bcoz i addit 2 watching cricket matches too much. I have’nt missed even a test match. Bt unfrotunately today we have to watch only colours of other country players not ours.

  • Priyantha

    Weaker and meeker cuurent SL team lost to a pretty ordinary team of PAK. That is no surprise.

    SL players (these 11), please go home and relax. Then start another business like selling vegetables or something like that, instead of playing cricket anymore!

    Allow a completely new team of players to play cricket for Sri Lankan in the upcoming series and even thereafter!

    I am extremely sorry to say so, guys. We are fed up with watching you!

  • Fazil Shaik

    please remove Atapatthu from the batting coach position this team is a bunch of loosers they are making our life worst yesterdays match was an easy one to win what the hell anjelo mathes doing in the team kick him out of the team if he cant play a responsible role and dilshan is not a gud captain from 120-7 and 200 what a crap this bladdy IPL killing our cricket malinga will bowl well in IPl and CLt20 but for the country he couldn’t bow properly send this loosers home and give chance to the youngsters yesterday we had so much shame in sharjah cricket stadium spent so much money to watch the cricket match but we can never call them heroes they are bringing bad name for Mother Lanka God Bless SL cricket

    • PremasiriS

      How could it be possible Attapattu to improve all these defectives techniques, overnight, that has been inhabited with them (seniors’) since their birth? The Top-Order should be strengthened with technically sound batsmen (who have total control over almost all strokes they execute) of lightening reflexes.

  • Chanaka

    If we’re to be successful @the international level needs to appoint new batting coach to our team, standard of our batting had gone down and in this scenario I would like to question, contributions made by the present coach to our side. Batting is going from bad to verse pls appoint Roy or Aravinda or some overseas coach. ramanayake’s contribution towards bowling has been wonderful but we need to develop 10-15 backup bowlers to run through a side twice, my suggesion is to get foreign bowling coach to develop our faster bowlers

    • Raja

      Even the “Sakkradevendra” can’t correct those defective habits in seniors. That is why we can’t win matches even at home.

  • Damith Fernando

    I believe there is a problem with the thinking ability/capacity of the SL captain, it only destroy him as a very capable match winning allrounder.IF he is relieved from captaincy he will become another Afridi . When Afridi came to the crease when Pak was struggling 96 for 6 down, why he did not apply pressure using his master bowlers???? this is what the commentators who are experienced past cricketers were commenting. what is the use of keeping Malinga for the last overs when the cream of Pak batting is already back in the pavillion. What match Prasanna and Mendis for Afridi?? only allowed him to settle and hammer us.
    How weak the reading of ball by all other batsmen other than Kumar and Mahela??????????? they are all Kana playing. shame for the coach. No other people capable of making professional looking strokes. They can survive only until the opposition identfy their weaknesses.

  • Kazz

    we’ll need sanga back…and what the hell is dilhara doing in this series…..we need to take a right team for win a match….i’ve few suggestions…….suraj randiv,ajantha mendis,nuwan kulasekara,angelo methews,lasith malinga,tm dilshan,mahela jayawardena,kumar sangakkara,upul tharanga…this is my team……no one can chalange….with this team we’re strong by everything….experiences , talents or blance….

  • Former Sri Lankan Supporter

    USELESS SIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Sl leaked so many runs in the middle overs. At 120-7, sl gave ajmal the freedom to get singles and give boom boom strike. Dilshan shud have brought in the fielders, but they didn’t. final score was have this habbit of failing under pressure, and they did it yet again, if it was a top side batting, then they wud have easily won without a fuss. SL survived in the world cup, but not this time. Sl have lost three test series on the trot and now three odis on the trot. SL are a bunch of losers and can be offficialy called minnows. My advice to slc is to stop sl from playing cricket. Don’t you feel ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel sorry for the sl fans who followed this rubbish side through out this tour. I hope they don’t anymore. I was just like them some months back and have given up with these guys. SLC OFFICIALY IN TURMOIL!

  • Former Sri Lankan Supporter

    Sri lanka paying for leaking runs in the second half of the 1st innings. Dilshan is a poor captain.