Academies to Register with SLC, Through an Accreditation System

SLC Interim Committee has approved to register all private Cricket Academies around the country and have an accreditation system for all Cricket Academies renewable every 2 years.

At present 32 Academies have already enlisted with Sri Lanka Cricket and it was decided to award accreditation to the 32 Academies that conform to the requirements and guidelines setup by Sri Lanka Cricket.

The Academies will need to conform to the following requirements and guidelines as stated below .

1. Head Coach to posses Compulsory, Level 1 from any one of the Test Playing Nations / Asian Cricket Council / ICC

2. Assistant Coaches to posses minimum level: Compulsory Sri Lanka Level 1

3. Minimum of one (1) Outdoor or Indoor practice wicket with secured nets  – Safety very important and adequate lighting if Indoors

4. First Aid Kit to be provided at the training centre

5. Emergency telephone No’s of doctors & hospitals to be displayed

6. Student Data Base & assessments maintained (achievements and progress)

7. Record of seminars & coach education programs followed by coaches to be available

8. Changing rooms with facilities for the students

9. Accreditation process

9.1         District / Provincial Coaches to visit the Academy & observe progress

9.2         Provincial Coach & Provincial Manager to evaluate & certify

9.3         Any shortcomings to be pointed out & corrected & certified by Provincial

Coach & Provincial Manager

9.4         SLC to consider the Provincial Coach & Provincial Managers recommendation

9.5         Quarterly inspections to be performed by the District Coach and reported

9.6          Accreditation granted for 2 years and renewed on inspection

In order to motivate the Academies and ensure that all Academies  register with SLC, through an accreditation system, as a  first step, SLC to provide each Cricket Academy  with cricket equipment and the Academies will also be provided with an opportunity to post information pertaining to the conduct and trainings of their Academy on the Sri Lanka Cricket web site.

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  • Mohamed Nafaiz

    Dear Sir,
    We are performing a Cricket Academy in Kandy named City Cricket Academy ( May i please know the end date of the registration or How i register under SLC.

    Thanking You!

    Yours in Sports,
    City Cricket Academy