Dearth of Fast Bowlers coming through Schools Cricket System

Cricket Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) at a recent meeting unanimously decided to inform School Authorities and Sri Lanka Schools Cricket Association that there is a dearth of Fast Bowlers, coming through the school system to facilitate Sri Lanka cricket at the elite level.

Based on a discussion carried out a few months back by Schools Cricket Development Department with the Coaching Department SLC and National Age Group Selectors SLC, we wish to give below in point form some of our observations.

  1. School Coaches directing Captains of Teams to use spinners with the new ball during U 13, U15, U17 and U 19 One Day matches and 2 day matches instead of using fast Bowlers.
  2. School Coaches instructing Grounds Men to prepare  very slow wickets [instead of sporting wickets]  thereby depriving Fast Bowlers the opportunities to bowl in matches
  3. A match arranged during the rainy seasons also deprives opportunities for fast bowler due to slippery wet conditions.
  4. The result is fast bowlers suffering injuries [drawing reference to item No 2 & 3].
  5. Matches arranged without the normal minimum 48 hrs recovery periods resulting in critical injury to player/s and specially the fast bowler’s fraternity.

With the future in mind SLC, respectfully request the authorities of the School to address the situation by instructing the School’s Coaching Staff and Captain/s of Teams  by making it mandatory for the fast blowers to bowl as follows:-

  • Fast Bowlers to bowl with the new ball within the first 10 over at the commencement of each innings.
  • Fast Bowlers be sparingly used, with a maximum of 06 over spells bowled at any given time during an innings.
  • Matches to be arranged by maintaining at least a 48hours period for recovery between matches.

In anticipation we trust your kind co-operation towards improving the standard of Fast Bowling to serve Sri Lanka Cricket to reach the desired standards to be one of the top most Elite Teams in World Cricket.

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  • Dust

    Height is one of the most imortant factors. Malinga is short but you have forgotten the fact that he is a slinger and height is an independent factor when it comes to Malinga’s action

    You got to have both, strength and height otherwise you will do nothing on pace oriented bouncy wickets. Curtley Ambrose lost miles of pace at the end of his career but he was still unplayable. It’s coz of the bounce generated by height.

    I’m sick of seeing 5’8′ skinny bowlers form SL. Nuwan Kulasekara has been the worst bowler in the world during the last 18 months statistically.

    You got to be one of the following

    1. Strong with a slinging action in this case height doesn’t matter being short is alright
    2. Tall to extract bounce
    3. If you got neither, got to be able to move the ball bothways as stock deliveries (VAAS)

    • Miles

      Hello Dust, I know a few fast bowlers in Australian clubs(A grade) who are less than 5’8/9 height no slinging action, who can easily generate pace of 135-145kph and also swing and bounce the ball near the batting crease. I used to think like you back then. but after seeing them and facing them a few times, I was amazed. The only weakness I saw them was these bowlers can bowl only short spells(3-7 overs per spell) as they put a lot of physical effort than a tall big guy.

  • anon

    this must be taken as an opportunty by well built (need not be tall- look at malinga)schoolboys who want to lay for srilanla. SLC to monitor closely, even by supporting them with food sponsors etc.