SL v ENG – 2nd Test Match – Scorecard

  • kushantha

    I dnt know why our selectors or sl cric brd are behaving like not thinking of future cricket in sri lanaka. thw only thing i can see is they are always flavoring some players. but i think we should give the chance to the players who r in the form at the moment and we should have good players for each position when we need to replace players in the Xi. e:g for sanga, he came from ipl jst before few days to the first test. even though he played very badly in the first test,he played for the 2nd test too. he is well out of form for test cricket & i should say that he neeeds money , so let him play in ipl and give him more commercials to act. i think mahela is not in his form. senior players like mahela ,sanga should sense wht is going to happen to our cntry & should take some responsibilty for country.


    I THINK DULIP NOT worthy FOR selection . He is doing poltical selection. he is mind may be old type ,now cricket also new generation so he should be think new idea , so we have to drop sanga. maharoof. for next one. Dinesh AND SURAJ 4better option.

    dulip think about that & do the positive work in our cricket.
    Dont do foolish work . if y not correctly please go to hell?????????????????

  • kuma

    i think will give chance for next matches dinesh chandimal. how what is the point of maharoof. he is not good form 4 all rounding.
    so why give to chance him

    sanga also good time dropping the team. he is can use only batting but what is the value of his contribution for team.
    so better way next match dropping maharof & sanga , and sholud be play suraj & chandimal.

    sanga will play IPL in futures.

  • Gayan

    What is Maharoof doing in the test team? He is not a batsman (test average of 19), not a bowler (test average of over 60), and not even a good fielder. And all this after playing over 20 test matches. Shows that he is not an all rounder, not a proper bowler or even a batsman. Very poor selection from the selection committee.


    See the srilanka side. mararof useless player nothing bolwing or batting. why dont give chance chindimal he is good talent player.

    i think dulip doing foolish ? now cricket is change not like befofe 1980 , > what is the dulip selection?????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Priyantha

    Yes, drop Maharoof or/and Sangakkara and give Chandimal or Tirimanne or Thisara chances. What are these selectors doing? They are favoring some players over they others. No fair selectipn: STUPID INDEED!

    Sanga needs a break. He seems to be ending up the whole Test Series with a total score of less than 50. His mind is with IPL. Let him go to India and play there. It is good for him as he has said that playing for SL is equal to playing for IPL. He has embrassed it so thoroughly. Of course Dilshan and Jayawardena played for IPL but they did not show an love for it over playing for SL

    • Priyantha

      Yes, carry on Sanga with your streak of scores, all less than mere 20. It is high time you sit down and watch Test Cricket that is forgotten by you.

      Selectors, keep on your all goodnight sleeps

      SL is in all forms of disarrays!!

  • don

    maharoof is a typical one day player. using his skills at test level is a waste. like i always say, we have 3 solid all rounders in the squad of mathews, perera and maharoof and they must be well groomed and looked after.

  • Nilupa

    What is the Sri Lanka A team Squad to tour England .

  • mahean



    • Pubudu

      Yes I totally Agree with you…Maharoof must be having a some kind of a big influence from the selection committee, cricket board or politically otherwise to play him is a absurd decision.. & Chandimal should be given a chance..other wise whats the point of taking young talent and keeping them in the bench.. We also would like to see the emerging players given a chance…

  • Darshana Bandara

    sri lanka taking on England calmly and nicely

  • PremasiriS

    E’land’ always play batsmen of good technique & bowlers of good discipline. It’s very rare to find a batsman the likes of Trescothick in their playing XI. English selectors have never sought excuses to drop a good player that is why b’men like P’sons,Trotts&M’gans could find places in the Eng’h team. In contrast the SL selectors of last10-12 ys.,( but not Dulip the present chairman of selectors)were as such, they have always preferred boundary hitters, they aren’t bothered about the manner the batsmen gather his runs, number of chances they offer & risky (edgy, lofted)strokes through the hands of fielders. The number of false (play& miss) strokes they play, indecisive application due to lack of foot work & slow reflexes in the early stages of their innings are quite irrelevant as well. If a senior can scores 1 big hundred out of 10innings offering 101 chances, he is allowed to be in the team as long as he wishes. Consistent (promising) Performers (who can be threat to seniors) ‘ve no place though, average players could easily get into the playing XI.
    In this manner the future of SL Cricket is quite uncertain at this juncture. Pakistan,India Bangladesh, they all have well established young players in their 1 XI teams, where as we have only one in Angelo Mathews but he too is sent to bat very low down in the batting order than he deserve.
    Angelo Perera ( who has similar credential as Chandimal as a batsman) & Umesh Karunarathna who’ve won the Best Schoolboy Cricketer of the year Award in different Years for their batting & bowling skills respectively and has the highest run aggregate & highest number of wickets in the last years Under-23 Tournament are still kept out of the frame. As Angelo P has always been sent to bat at very low down in the batting order (in the Premier Div.T’ment) by the his Club authorities ( that effects AP’s 1st Cls.Bat.Ave.)in order to provide No3 & 4 to very influential average players (who are newcomers to the club) struggling to come into form. Incidently Umesh K didn’t participate in this year’s Premier Div. t’ment. Sometimes he might have lost his playing interest of the Game or he may have been off to greener pastures, as many has done in the past.