SL v ENG – Only T20I – Scorecard

  • PremasiriS

    Since the cricket administration in SL has been so poor, senior players of last 5 years have always tried to carry on as long as they could disregarding the future of cricket in the Country. The present-day schoolboys, who are 1000 times, better than these veterans were, are forced to wait out too long till they loose their confidence in themselves. Asking them to wait out won’t do any good to their confidence and future of Sri Lanka’s Cricket as a whole. Leaving out Mathews, the average age of the other 5 main batsmen of this present team is almost 34 years. They even don’t want to give their batting positions to a future player the likes of Angelo Mathews. As a follower of this great Game of last 56 years, we can’t be too happy over the performances of Mahela & Sangakkara because another 2 years time they would become zero value as in the case of Jayasuriya, when their physical conditions go weak with age. Therefore it is always better to groom present day promising youngsters in their positions.