Live Score Card – SL vs AUS 2010: 3rd ODI

  • navin

    srilanka squad for asia games t20 Squad: Jehan Mubarak (Captain), Jeevantha Kulathunga (Vice Captain), Kaushalya Weeraratne, Chinthaka Jayasinghe, Indika de Saram, Nuwan Soyza, Dilhara Lokuhettige, Kaushal Lokuarachchi, Dilshan Munaweera, T.M. Sampath (WK), Kushal Janith – (WK), Isuru Udana, Sanjeewa Weerakoon, Gayan Wijekoon, Malinga Bandara.

  • nnn

    SL team had a very good team effort and confidance in all formats of games through out the series. We must appriciate it. But in that last game 115/10 …….. LOL

  • nnn

    Sri lankans had bad luck on this day. All those things happened to the favour of australia.
    How ever Sanga, Suraj, Dilshan, Malinga, Mathews, Tharanga, and Thisara performed well through out the series. Congratulations for the Sri lankan team for lift the 2011 CWC.

  • premalal

    i have been an ardent cricket fan of SL and now living overseas. in my view i agree with most comments above. i still suggest that its good to have much as all rounders in the team rather than specialists. i would say that we are a lucky squad compared to the other teams with all rounders such as matthews, perera, maharoof where the selectors can try each in the top, middle and late orders. in addition may be the input of vaas a force to reckon with who is a capable all rounder. We do also have part time bowlers like dilshan, who can chip in together with our regular bowlers. my final opinion is lets have more all rounders and match winners.

  • ishini

    I thought SL might give a chance to our younger players to prove themselves in last ODI but same old stuff and a failure. We cant win every match but we must have a plan. We have won the series but can we still say we have found correct middle order. Why sanga didn’t give chances to Dinesh chandimal ,Kapugedara and Jeevan mendis as he said before going for the series . ( At least for the last match because we already won the series ).
    We all have to know no matter winning or loosing Ausies are true champions because they are planning for something always . they always give SL a series before Word cup. We only play cricket there and invest nothing for future.

  • wijayatunga

    One should anlyse the series with care.
    First match: we won because of some magic batting by Malinga. this is highly unsual to happen often and it seems that pure luck we won. From the talent and competiveness perspective one has to accept that it is a loss for SL

    Second match: we won. OK, let’s go with a win for SL.

    Third match: humuliated loss for SL. No way of recoverying

    So, all in all, this series is a loss if you think carefully. Dah SL won the third match it would have been a series win ONLY.

    We need to drop Dilshan, Mahela for few matches so that they may come back strong or go home

    • 123

      @wijayatunga sorry dude u missed the T20 and other 2 practice matches and pls do your analyze again

      • wijayatunga


        T20 is another matter, perhaps SL is better than Aus in that regard. For practice matches do top-guns of Assies play?

        My opinion is that if we win a match
        1. due to batting, then that win should be due to our batsmens’ contribution (not due to the bowlers batting)

        2. due to bowling, then it should be due to our main bowlders’ bowling (not due to the batsmens’ bowling)

        If the the two cases in brackets, ether separately or in combination, happen(s) it can be attributed to “by chance” or “due to luck”.

        the bottom line is that batsmen should bat MUCH more than the bowlers and bowlers should get wicketsMUCH more than batsmen. Othewise even if it is a win, such vicories are not persistence and consistent

        • 123

          ok then bowlers should not bat according to your ” theory “..LOL

          dude think positive ,our team deserve that pride and honer they played really well so we should appreciated there hard work ..our team beats No1 team in the world it’s not with a team like bang or zim.

          • wijayatunga


            I did not say bowlers should bat. I said batsmen should bat (score) much more tahn the bowlers batting. I think you have not understood it. Again bottom line is that one should do his duties.

            Yes, I appreciate SL team but again we need to analyse what is wrong rather than white washing! This type of mistakes are very common in SL.

            If someone is not capable of understanding real procress underlying then that could lead to failures in the future.

            Good luck with your own analyses!

    • ishini

      i dont agree with “We need to drop Dilshan, Mahela for few matches so that they may come back strong or go home”. But i have to say the analysis of the series is absolutely correct.
      we can argue we are strong because of win in ausie soil but this is not enough.
      We need correct batting combination than this before the world cup. I think giving chance to mahela for opening is better than testing luck of tharanga. why cant selectors able to find more consistent player than Chamara silva for the middle order.

      • wijayatunga

        Yes, you could se my point. Thanks.

    • Sachindra

      What about The captain. He has always gone to bat when there is less pressure but still he comes back to the pavilion after scoring 30-40 runs , offering a simple chance to a mid-wicket fielder. His ODI batiing Ave. of 35. is not enough for a international No 3 batsmen. Kevin Peterson & Ricky Ponting ( Both having ODI Ba.Ave. around 43) were dropped for few failures but SLC selectors field the same useless players over & over again although their failures are numerous.

  • http://no chama

    it s very sad to loss the 3rd ODI but it doesn’t mean that you lost the world .We are the series winner in t20 and ODi in ausie soul that’s great.
    But I strongly beleived that we would have given the chance to the players whom didn’t get chance to play .We had to change the mind set of “wining team should play for next match ” since it save poor performance ones reamains in your team and one day when your match winners not delevered the things defenetly team will lose,like what happened in last match.
    so be realistic and make our own stratergies, so we can win the next world cup

  • Susith

    This is very disgusting! Is this match fixing or just a hang over from the celebrations or stupid batting. Mahela Jayawardena seems to be slipping down. What is happening to Dilshan! He has too many low scores. It may be alright to have few low scores while having match winning high scores once in a while!

    Definitely we need to bring in Jeevan Mendis, Dinesh Lakmal and alike if we need to win the next world cup.

    • DAMIAN

      jeewan mendis? he also scores jst 3 runs

  • Nirosh

    Well, this exposes the two previous ODI wins… !! Alright, we won the series, but if you really think, more than talent, it was pure luck for Sri Lanka…!! This Mahela Jayawardena is becoming and absolute useless for the team…. he is full of hype…!! Media goes to town when he scores a 50 or 100 once in blue moon..!! The news papers gets flooded with hyped up articles about Mahela when is scores a rare 50 or 100. And no one talks absolutely anything when this guy does not perform..!! This is a total media mafia..!!
    And what is this continuous attack on Upul tharanga…. he seems to be getting his act right. From what we have seen in team performances, Upul Tharanga seems to be getting better compared to most of other batsmen. But, Chamara Kapugedara seems to be an absolutely loss case..!! He can only perform when the match is marked for a loss…!! Look today… 33 runs from 105 balls??? This is crazy…!! I have no idea what Aravinda de Silva has in his mind to keep this guy in the team…!! Well, Chamara Silva may be having good technique but for some reason he is not at all useful for the team..!! So, if someone is not useful to the team and still kept in the side… there has to be something fishy about that..!!
    All in all, we have to seriously think about the horrible performances of some key positions in the team before start celebrating the first ever series win against Australia…. well alright…, at least start looking at it after the celebrations..!! cheers!

    • 123

      @Nirosh it’s not Chamara Kapugedara it’s chamara silva

  • http://slc udara

    come on aravinda where are we heading towards? all out for 115. our batsman,( other than sanga , mahela , dilshan), are not good enough. tharanga is an over rated player . can’t see any quality in him. (tharanga= 10% talent & 90% luck). and thisara could be a good bowler but batting wise only a slogger. let mahela open and ask samaraweera to steady the middle order in the absence of mahela. because he is very affective as an opener(way better than tharanga ) and watching mahela in the recent matches , he has adopted an operners mindset so i feel he will not be that effective as a middle order batsman from here on.(he has proven that in the aussie series as well).

    • 123

      තණ්හා ආශා ..LOL

  • ravindraraj

    bad performence by srilankans.

  • Kutekow

    The Sri Lankan cricketers seem to have been partying too hard & suffering from a hangover. I definitely dont expect them to win every time, but this performance is truly unprofessional & extremely disappointing. If we are to make any impact at all at CWW 2011, discipline & sense of purpose has to be brought in immediately without getting too carried away by match-winning performances.