Live Score Card – SL vs AUS 2010: 1st ODI

  • Susith

    Mahela Jayawardena should open batting with Dilshan. Drop Tharanga, he can see the ball. Bring in Dinesh Chandimal. Drop Chamara Sliva for the next game at least. Bring in Jeevan Medis for his place. This is a good rule: if some of the (new) players fail senselessly, drop few of them (at least one) for the next game and give some other new players. Here new players in the sense that they are not regular in the team.

    People watch cricket amid a lot of work of theirs. We dont want to spend our valuable time to look at ordinay cricketers or rather bad crickers while there are other good ones around. Of course any good new comer can fail, then he should ne punished by leaving him form the side for couple of games at least

  • Dharshana Fernando

    Please include kapu and chandimail… (What happen to Mahela udawththa,Jeewantha kulathunga???where are they??) -Thanks

    • navin

      i appricate u ..for talking about jeevantha kulatunga……wat abt tharanga… kulatunga most suit than tharanga..also kulatunga is an all rounder

  • Ruwan

    Wow What a game that we watched after long time. keep this winning habit in next game & onwards. No Doubt that Sanga u always keep best team for the relevant match. hope again an another best Eleven for SCG (Spin Wicket).

    Lions ‘re never give up!!!!!!

  • heshan

    sanga include kapu and chandimai

  • Pubudu

    One of the greatest escapes from the jaws of defeat. Well done Angelo & Malinga.
    If we were defeated in this match criticisms would have been huge but because of this win lot of flows in the team were covered.
    But I can’t understand why Chandimal & Jeewan were not included in the final team.
    As expected Chamara silva & Tharanaga failed,when you watch Tharanga field & bat feels disgusted, he is so lazy and floating not fit for any one day side, replace him with Chandimal as for Chamara silva no head at all replace him with Jeewan Mendis why do you take guys like Jeewan and keep him in the bench.

  • Saman Kularatne

    What an amazing match?
    I was fortunate enough to witness the same with over 15,000 Sri Lankan fans.
    We are really proud to be Lions.
    Well done guys keep it up.

  • Champika baddage kaczor

    It’s great to see Sri Lanka’s great victory. Way to go ! Keep it up.

  • Ardur

    Well done Sri Lanka. A champion team. Well done Angelo and Lasith.
    I hope no book-maker made money on this!

  • Shehan

    What a game we are the champions

    Sanga pls drop Tharanga & include chandimal, let Mahela to open with dilshan,
    we will be the world cup champions
    best wishes

  • http://slc udara

    Sanga come on, no tharanga here after, if tharanga is there then no cricket here after.

  • Sajitha

    Lions never give up,never back down.

  • Ransiri Madhumaal

    well done keep it up for next matches

  • madhawa

    what happened to sanga?? why he dropped chandimal and take tharanga?? tharanga is a curse. thankful to god he was run out. look at the stats. he wasted 18 balls and just get 3 runs. the team which played for the t20 is the team which should use in next 3 matches. but I think in sri lanka or sub continent kulasekara is better than dilhara. but for fast tracks dilhara is suitable.

    • Pubudu

      As for Kulasekara I fully agree with Madhawa have to replace with him Dilhara because Kulasekara is suitable for subcontinent not for the fast pitches.

  • Deepak From India

    Watched the match!
    Angelo Mathews the Champion!
    Reminds me of India vs Australia Mohali Test
    Where Ishant Sharma Added 90 for the 8th wicket

  • Arjun Lungeli (Nepal)

    Well done Sri Lanka! Keep it up. You should win world cup 2011.

  • navin

    fearless lions what a come back…..

  • http://slc udara

    I still can’t believe it . was it a dream, coming true?

  • chamila

    ela kiri boys!

  • Jeni Nathanielsz


  • Tariq

    What a Game!!!