1st Test: Australia v Sri Lanka – Scorecard

  • bob

    Wake up Malinga the sri lankan cricket team does need you and would be better off with you not without you.

  • wijayatunga

    Toothless Sri Lankan attack delivered much undeserved victory for Autralia!. From the begining of the match SL showed how weak and meak they are. Batsmen should have played some attaching strokes nevertherless they were very defensive.

    I am a 45 years old guy and to my best of memories only real cricket was played by just one team (at one era)in the histroy. It is the team led by great Clive LLoyd and later Viv Richards. I remember what they used too say. That is, hit and sroke the ball and attach and try to be less defensive, does not matter you lose the match. And ultimately their strategy gave them enormous vitories, almost all the time. Of course they are results of their strategy and talent. But what is fascinating is their strategy. Doesn’t matter win or lose you go for the attach. A defeat after a good attach is much more worthful than a defeat after weak and meak defensive approach.

    Sri Lankan have no shown any charater in that sense. Their approach was really pathetic.

    Of ocurse we love victories. But we love to see more good attaching cricket as victories are not always possible. What is always possible is to show some charater.

    Present cricket by SL team is boring. Eye-sore