Live score card – Micromax Triangular Series, 3rd Match: Sri Lanka vs India

  • http://no chama

    pls fly to India or australia…at least after you get PR their , we can see you will playing international cricket and cricket loving people in whole world can be seen a modern day hero from you… or stay in sri lanka , and just play local and SL ‘A’ cricket…………..this ara and sanga will never give you a chance to play for national side…what a shame team selection process …… only in sri lanka….

    • wijayatunga

      Yes, Sanga is not giving a chance to Chandimal because chandimal is a threat to Sanga’s position in the team in near future if he palys for SL team

      • akash

        not only for chandimal sanga did this to jeevantha kulatunga before the t20 wc 2010 .. selecters ingored player of the t20 tourn ment ( jeevantha kulatunga) bec sanga and selecters had known if kulatunga bat well it can be a threat to sanga’s no 3 position in t20 that why they ingored specialist t20 player jeevantha kulatunga and they picked kapuva bec sanga knows there is no threat to his place from kapuva …. finally what happened we lost t20 wc 2010 …shame… this time if we miss chandimal , jeevantha kulatunga, jeevan mendis. , janka gunarathne . definitely same result we can see in 2011 wc

  • Chanaka

    Sanga’s captency record against India seems rather poor & our think tank should devise new stratergies to get their top players out in quick time, for that matter Indians’ve adopted themselves very well & executed their plans accordingly. It’s high time that selectors bring in new talent in the form of Jeewantha, Chandimal, Jeewan Mendis etc.

  • angattha

    ara are you mad> what happan chindimal,lehiru ? i think you have doing wrong thing no need to more talk w e need only work(sanga,ara)

  • angattha

    hi what is the aravnida s? only talakinlg he cant select good players .only chance old players only chindimal lheri > ara please goto hell

  • Ben

    Don’t criticize on players, let them play there natural games, media and the fans please do not bring the players into a pressure situation, instead let us all make everyone play there natural games, cause there are some budding cricketers with great potential, it is our duty to safeguard our national young players for a brighter future…

  • Mr. Cricket

    Awesome match Sanga and the team well played….. Randiv what you did was not gentlemen type at all… its a shame on you and the whole team…

    And Aravinda are you satisfied with your boys performance???

    Keep Chandimal, Jeevan out atleast they’re helping Sri Lanka A win… Atleast we have something to cheer about… Let Kapugedara, samaraweera, tharanga play some more games which will guarantee some more defeats… Has kapugedara played a hundred runs in his 79 matches as a specialist batsman… Chandimal scored a hundred in his second match and was dropped…

    Whay a shame

  • Sanjaya Ekanayake

    Kapugedala, Samaraweerala, Tharangala ekka geuwoth mehema wena bawa api meta kaliyenuyth kiyuva. Chandimalla, Jeewan Mendisla, Sachithra Senanayakala, Malinga Bandaralata chance eka neththe Sangage hari Aravindage relationship ekak nethi nisada? Mehema giyoth Sri Lanka Cricket walata Sorry,,,,,,,,ma thamai

  • kalpa

    nw pls drop thilan & kapugedara,add chamara silva & thissara perera to the team.bcz middle order dznt peform wel.

    • angattha

      its correct

  • http://no chama

    I do not know why on earth that aravinda dropped chandimal from the squad.He should be bat @ no 03 and be the wicket keeper too.then pressure will be off from sanga and he can bat @ no 05 and makes middle order strong.(like arjuna batted @ no 05 in 96′ world cup). This is simple stratergy which you can implement. aravinda, you have all the talented players are there but you are not using them properly.

  • chamithu


  • Susith

    Few more things
    1. Keep on playing Kapugedara to make sure another defeat.
    2. Sanga should talk more
    3. Keep Chandimal, Chamara Silva nd other talented playes sitting
    4. Lament other teams to make mistakes rather than improving SL team’s skills

  • Susith

    Lessons learnt