Live score card – Sri Lanka Triangular Series, 1st Match: India vs New Zealand

  • Dushyantha

    If the toss decides the winner at Dambulla at day – night matches why do we keep playing there? Match loses its appeal if result is almost a foregone conclusion.


  • Susith

    Had there been a little lesser grass than that actually was there, it would be the best pitch so that spinners also can play. Anyway it is good if we can see more and more wickets with considerable amount of grass so that fast bowling takes the advantage. We are fed up with seeing pitches without grass.

    Indian bowling is weaker than that of New Zealand’s and that’s why they lost the match.

    If the wicket for SL match is similar to this, then SL should play all seamers and Dilshan can spin a little with another part-time bowler.

  • kumaran

    Go home Water Boy!!