Sri Lanka vs India Final

  • Ravi

    Sri Lankan’s ZERO sportive spirit demo, none other by it’s great captain Mr. Sangarkara.

    I used to be great fan of Sri lankan team and supported it many times, which has great cricketers like Jayawardane, Muttiah, Mendis and lot more, really adorable team.

    A captain should sure know when a batsman is about to reach major landmarks (50’s, 100’s) so he can set the field accordingly. Sangarkara has lied in the news conference that he didn’t know about Viru’s century. In that case, he is an incapable captain as that is his primary job.

    When Viru needed only 1 run to century and team needs 5 to win, known as a superb keeper, Sangarkara left 4 byes which he hasn’t done before. something fishy about it.

    Randiv, who hasn’t bowled a single no ball has crossed the line SO FAR to make sure he is bowling a no ball. All these only to stop a co-cricketer from making a personal landmark, disgraceful. They were sure to loose the match, so wanted to express they pessimistic nature by stopping him from making a century. They have brought shame to Sri Lankan Cricket history.

    I wish they realize their mistake and apologize to Viru at least in private.

  • max

    I am Indian + Irish + English I support England but am a huge fan of Sangkkara and Dilshan samaweera is brilliant and should be a regular starter I hope he is going to be one mendis is personally the best spinner still at international level.

    • Ravi

      I had the same impression about Snagarkara till yesterday. By demonstrating ZERO sportive sprit and lying in the news conference, not knowing about Viru’s century, he proved he can no way be near to muttiah or Mendis. Randiv & him have brought down sri lankan image which was a hard established credit by previous teams. I hope they they realize that cricket viewing world is as smart as they are, if not more.

  • http://h nikhil

    come on india u r best .

  • asela

    upul tharanga should be given a chance in tests to keep his consistent run form in ODI matches

  • CKfromBrisbane

    Mr. Arawinda needs to think of Thisara perera who is an all rounder. He is a match winner brave and has no fear. All the commentators in the world point out about the weakness of middle order of Sri Lanka. It is lack of fire. Someone need to fire at the end. Thisara perera is a good solution. He needs to give the opportunity to get confidence.

  • santosh kamat

    i think it was just bad day for sri lanka,they played superbly throughout tournament….im indian n happy that we won asia cup…but im also grt fan of sangakara…i know hell bounce back…but i just wanted to give advice…that plz bring jayasuriya back…..hes a legend…also most succesful batsman against india….he destroyed india manytimes single handenly…..hes real diff maker….also bring back thushara,mendis,…..dilshan n mahela must open in odi..

  • http://SS yy

    We need CHANDIMAL..!@

  • 123

    hahahah ok but don’t forget kapu save lots of runs in the field ..but see kandamy..ewww his fielding and running between the wickets was disgusting …whatever ..can’t help man ..if u need to build a puzzle u need to take pieces one by one ..that’s must be kiddies theory but it works in real world ..;)

  • Chalana


    Don’t try to take in isolation a piece out of so many comments I have made and try to turn that piece to your advantage. Only kids do that.

    My comment of “Just take the video clip of the final and see how many attempts Kapu made for big hits which didnot get connected”. was my response to your comment of “P ..don’t be silly man can he play big shots when wickets r falling from other side?” in your earlier reply to my first comment. To say that contrary to what you said, he actually was going for big hits but failed miserably as usual. Fortunately for him the bowlers did not have the correct aim at the wicket or wicket keeper was fielding at a good distance. It is the sheer luck that kept him till the end and not the talent. Any fellow walking in the street with that much of luck could have done the same.

  • 123

    in my opinion if you need to win matches u need in

    Test = the team who bats/ball well wins matches (specially in batting like INDIA)

    ODI= the team which done less number of mistakes in the field wins matches (like aussi ,currently like ENG )see in 96’wc (mahanama,sanath,aravinda,kalu,chandana..all the 11 players can Field well except arajuna )

    T20= really power hitting + Fielding

    so fielding is a must …so Pls remove kandamby, & sangas give the glows to chandimal .

  • Rajinder

    I totally agree with some of the comments posted here. Chandimal should bat 1 down, and then sanga and mahela should bat 2 down and 3 down respectively, followed by mathews. This will strengthen our middle order, and even if Dilshan gets out cheaply we have a strong middle order. Totally agree about Kapugedara. I have no idea why he is in the team. Scored 55 runs without even trying to win the match for us.

  • 123

    what is this man your first comment you said that kapu is not trying to score runs quickly and now in this comment you said that “Just take the video clip of the final and see how many attempts Kapu made for big hits which didnot get connected”..hhaah see it mean that he tried his best ..but’s the light factor dude ..players can’t middle the ball well …just don’t blame on one player who stays until the end of the match not out ..see kandamby even SL womans team players can run better than him..LOL ..

  • Ranawaka

    Premasiri has made some good comments.Either Mahela goes opening or both he ans Sanga shud go later.Even Dilshan shud be warned if he is not consistent he shud come lower. Those days, when Sanath failed, we had a defeatist attitude. And he failed more often than succeed. Same with Dilshan who is now having a reputation of winning matches and if he fails, it has a demoralising effect. He is impatient and hite premeditated shots. Chandimal can be tried with Mahela and Dilsah next followed by Kumar and Mathews, Chamara Silva, and an allrounder (not Sanath) , and the 4 bowlers can be Malinga, Welegedera, Kuklasekera and Suraj or Mendis.
    Certainly Kapugedera has to go. He scored 55 in 34 overs and even at last stage, he was not aggressive.He has had enough chances. Mahroof can be given another chance. Upul if he can bat in middle order is a choice. Thirimanne too has performed well in Australia.

  • Chalana


    A good player would not score one run after a number of balls and give the turn to a bowler to score. Rather he would, throgh good placements of the ball, play two , four or six and, one run in the last ball of the over to retain the strike. Examples of how a good batsman single handedly brought what was to be a sure defeat in a huge margin, to a very close one can be taken from Asia cup itself. I am refering to Afridi’s innings of a century in one of the the first matches, something he did when wickets fell one after the other. I can even draw an example from Jeevantha Kulatunga himself, where he turned a sure defeat needing two figure score for an over, to win in the remaining few overs, having only bowlers on the otherside. In that match, Shalitha Karunanayake the last man who is a bowler was on the otherside in that match. Even in Kapu’s match take Kulasekara’s innings.Why couldn’t kapu do it when Kula was around and was doing it fine. What is the use of his being at the crease notout when the match was not won. Just take the video clip of the final and see how many attempts Kapu made for big hits which didnot get connected. Yes, the otherthing one could do is , if he is not sure about himself to go for big hits, to do exactly the way Kapu did. But what is the use of one becoming the hero when the patient is dead ?. Not only for test matches , players like Kapu are good for T20, 50 over and even six a side as well, from the opposition teams’ point of view.

  • Naren

    Arvind sir,i think india played much confidential game than lanka in the final.india won the game due to its team performance,where it lacks in srilankan side

  • 123

    @Chalana kapu good 4 test matches isn’t it ..:P ..don’t be silly man can he play big shots when wickets r falling from other side?

  • http://yahoo athirasa

    superb captaincy of Dony won the match for India. Bad captaincy of Sanga lost the match for Sri Lanka.


    Yes my Bhathi, we are Taking NOTHING Away From a Good Performance from the Newly Crownd Asian Champions! Congrats…but This is a SRILANKAN CRICKET SITE And We Are Talking and Giving Our Views about Our Team, with the World Cup 2011 in Mind… So you would Expect us to Talk about our team…Cheers Bhai! ;-)

  • Susith

    Hello Premsigh Bhatti,

    Isn’t my comment(2nd in the list) a praise for India: it implies India team had the required intelligence (or at least they used it) to knock down Sri Lanka.


    now we need steady openner like jeevantha kulatunga with dilshan bec we saw kulatunga’s performance as a opener in pro. tourament he brought the t20 title for wayaba if kulatunga open with dilshan we can include chandimal as no 3 and wicket keeper mahela no 4 sanga no 5 mathews no 6 when we analise this batting line up our middle order problems will over sooo aravinda u have to do one small thing remove tharanga and confirm batsman like kulatunga and give a chance to chandimal to play as wicket keeeper and no 3 batsman

  • Chalana

    Just another lesson to those who try to make Lions out of jackals giving jackals opportunity after opportunity despite their repeated failures. A lesson to those who cannot distinguish between a Lion cub and a fox cub.

    As for Kapu, he came at over no 16 and scored 55. Less than 2 runs per over in a limited over game. He will face four balls and in the fourth ball score one run & gives the turn to a bowler like Murali to bat. 55 makes him a hero and that heroic act is enough for his cronies to fill pages in several months to come.

    55 runs in 34 overs which is one of the five half centuries he scored in 77 games; is a good point for Aravinda to keep him, to train and to make a Marvan out of him.

    Here, good alrounders like Jeevantha Kulatunga, labled by SLC as a specialist in limited over cricket(They wrote an article with this title, in their website), who is the only player to score centuries in T20, 50 Over and 4 day provincial tournament 2010, also perfoming well with the ball, is spending time without any game (be it a t20 or any other) watching TV.


    Dear Mr.ARAVINDA DeSilva,Sir… On the Whole We Won 3 matches out of 4…Yet Lost the Most Important One- THE FINAL…I am not Critizising Your selection for this Cup..but wud like to give sum thoughts to ur UPCOMING FUTURE SELECTIONS… 1st, I Believe Maharoof is an erratic,inconsistent BlowHot BlowCold bowler… 2nd I’m Impressed with the Way Kandamby handles Pressure wen the Chips are Down..he has Consistently Shown that HE SHOULD BAT AT NO 4..You STATED That We Need Some One to Stabalize the Innings wen Openers Go…He IS IDEAL BUT NEEDS TO WORK ON FITNESS…3rd I Believe Mahela Should Open with Dilshan 4th To Strengthen the Middle Order we Can Add Thilan or Dinesh who plays the Spinners well 4th Thissara Perera and Vaas Should be Considered For Maharoofs Slot… BATTING ORDER AND ROLE IDENTIFICATION IS IMPORTANT… I Believe That in The First 15 Overs The Top 3 Should Go Aftr the Bowling and If We Loose 2 Quick Wickets We Can STEADY THE SHIP WITH KANDAMBY N THILAN with Later ANGELO KAPU THISSARA (or VAAS) and KULA to COME….. Lets GET IT RIGHT! GOD BLESS SRILANKA!

  • http://no chama

    to sanga & mr. de silva,
    just one suggestion to win the world cup 2011. pls give chandimal to keep the wickets and sanga should more concentrate on his batting and captaincy.chandimal should bat @ no.03. sanga should bat after mahela means no.05 to strengthen the middle .06 should give to mathews who can be a if we loose couple of wickets earlies will not effect us badly since we have good experience players in the middle order.
    sanga & aravinda hope you count my small suggestion. we need wold cup 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    Who is this cricket guru. Never heard of him. May be he was revering to something else. May be he was watching two different batsmen playing cricket. Looks like this guy got know knowledge about cricket.

  • Premsingh Bhatti

    Iam shocked at the narrow mindedness of the persons comments – not one has a large heart to praise India’s performance.

  • Premasiri

    The two batsmen who have skill and will to win a game in single handedly of this batting line up were perished each after facing only 3 bowls. Dilshan in his usual way of hastiness & impatience threw his wicket away. Mathews was succumbed to enormous pressure created by Sangakkara & Mahela. As I have always mentioned many times in my earlier comments in this web site, both Mahela & Sangakkara should bat below No 5 position. The No3 & 4 positions are meant for quick footed , technically sound young batsmen of lightning reflexes, who have been blessed with large array of (all along the ground) strokes. We need a batsman who is in a position to repeat innings played by Aravinda in the Semi-Finals & Finals of the 1996 WC. Both Mahela & Sangakkara have always employed test match style batting, under trying circumstances thus boosting unwanted confidence in the minds of the opposition bowlers. They have done this so many times before in the last 3 year period that is why we have dropped down to No 7 th position from the No 2 in the ODI rankings. We all know neither Mahela nor Sangakkara are quick footed batsmen who never get in line, behind the bowl at the start of their innings as a result of this they always tend to give fielding practices for the close in fielders & play false (Play &Miss) strokes at the early stage of their innings . It is so pathetic to learn that the responsible persons have too much faith on these two and other ordinary over coached players like Khandamby, Kapugedara, Chamara Silva,Mubarak,… who have only very few strokes in their bags. We badly need few young technically sound free scoring batsmen like Aravinda. Though we already have one in Angelo yet we have to bring few more. The selectors have to seek among players who have maintained consistency from their young school days.

  • Samitha

    Im very much disappointed about batting lineup selection by sri lanka for so many months. When Aravinda was appointed to selecting committee he said ” We will make at-least 2 players for one batting place “. But also in this series Mathews has appointed to play in so many places. Kandamby had the chance to play in some matches but he has to play only if remaining runs is small or other wikets are lost. What is going on here. I dont know who is choosing batting line up. But i can only say he don’t thinks about specialization in a batting place for any players other than sanga mahela and the openers. Mathws is the best finisher for a match. But why send him for holding the wickets if there is others for do it. Im sure he is not suitable for holding wickets in 50 over match coz he take some risks some times. By putting every where in the batting lineup someone is putting mathews in danger. We haven’t had a proper batting line up for T20 world cup we had to pay for it. Will be paid much if this continued till world cup.
    We cant win a worldcup by 3 or 4 batsmens. Othrs also must have specialized palces.

  • riyaz

    its all due to sangakara . plz remove him and bring back santh .why is thranga , kandmby ,maharoof, in the team . what kind of captncy is sanga doing . plz sack him

  • Susith

    Does not matter the talent, whoever has intelligence wins. This match is a simple proof of that.

  • 123