England vs Sri Lanka – Semi-final

  • Premasiri

    Sanjay Manjrekar, analyzing the Sri Lanka’s defeat against England in the T20 world cup semi-finals, commented that performance of Sri Lanka team was below par and the obvious reason being Jayasuriya at the top and failing. He said Sri Lanka would realize that persisting with Jayasuriya at the top was a mistake.
    Yet, who knows cricket better than Rajapakse. He is the person who ordered return of Jayasuriya to the National team when he was dropped after his repeated failure. However, the President’s shallow decision forced the entire nation to pay heavily. Persisting with failed Jayasuriya not only denied the cricket loving public the only joy the game of cricket brought to them but it also inflicted a heavy damage to the confidence of the entire team.

    No body in the team wants Jayasuriya there, as he was a heavy burden to the team. The body language of the Captain and the rest of the team summed everything up. Beyond doubt, he is an old horse of no use. How come a man who was dumped by the Mumbai Indian, the team he represented in the IPL, becomes good for the national team of Sri Lanka? Allowing Jayasuriya to play was a big blunder, as all other nations except Sri Lanka took the tournament very seriously and played their best 11 players. As a result of poor decision making, at the end Sri Lanka cricket suffered heavily and lost every plausible chance the national team had to reach to the finals. In fact, under the cirucumstances, Sri Lanka was lucky to reach semifinals with only 10 players and it was a pity that Jayasuriya was allowed to rob everything singlehandedly.

    His utterly selfish conduct, lacking national interest, ruined the balance and moral in the team and finally it boiled down to a stage where cricket lowers wished him get out with the first ball he faces without wasting the valuable fist six overs with field restrictions in place. People felt sorry about Sangakkara who was made a scapegoat by the selectors who simply dance according to the Rajapakse’s tune. He was utterly helpless. No matter what, he had to persist with Jayasuriya. People cannot reckon this kind of jokes occurring in any other nation except Sri Lanka where democracy is nothing more than a farce.

    Now greedy Jayasuriya has achieved his burning desire, however, at an enormous cost and his popularity is now at rock bottom. He scored only paltry 15 runs during the entire six innings he played denying a chance to a young upcoming player. When Tendulkar, who was younger to Jayasuriya and the best batsman of just concluded IPL he simply refused and said that his time in the national team was over and he did not wish to hinder the younger players of their chance to play for the national team.
    Having inflicted the maximum damage to Sri Lankan Cricket, Jayasuriya can now conveniently join hands with his ‘political team’ . The irony is that the very game of cricket that lend a hand to this man to reach the pinnacle in his career has turn on him for his downfall, not for anything else but for his utterly self-centered attitude

  • Namal

    I could not see anything constructive said about our national teams debacle on T20. Yes we could all bag Sanna boy… but SLC should consider getting help of physiologists especially talk to under performing players like Dilshan, Sanga and Sanna.. I don’t see our team having any psychological help… We all know our guys have the ability but when it comes to mental toughness … mind matters. Wether Sanna should retire is different matter but for the sake of SL cricket and for the players who is lucky enough to play for mother lanka should be taken care of. Countries like Aus , Eng , SA all have teams dedicated for building teams mental toughness.. I really not sure if we have that kind of help for our cricketers..even if we have this it is very questionable if it is done in very constructive / effective manner.

  • Rajitha

    i also want to say only one, that sanath should retire now

  • dixon

    Hi Riyaz……… thanx 4 ur comments.. im sorry u know kapu did good job against india atleast we will respect him coz his one of the inexperience player in the team.. but he took the responsibilty and finished the game nicely with mathew……… compare to sanath , kapu is the good player for this t20 world cup.. srilankan selectors has to prepare separate team for T20’s in future.. we have lot of young guns.. we should give the chance for )- jeevantha kulathunga, kaushal weeraratne, indiaka de saram, chandimal,maharoof, dilhara, and we can take few players from current squad….. mahela, murali, suraj, thisara perera, thilan thushara, kapu, angelo, sanga, ……………. PLEASE WE DONT WANT HON:MINISTER SANATH JAYASOORIYA.. THANX………..

  • Susith

    Sanath should retire immediately and Dilshan should be dropped too. Bring in Upul and other young players to the team. We need our cricket to thrive. We dont need old wine in new bottles either. MP Sanath is a failure. Accpet the truth and act wisely dear all selectors, politicians, etc, who are involved. Do not ignore the truth just because everyone is shouting. It will not degrade you whatsoever. You intelligence decision will save the cricket in Sri Lanka. People will appreciate anyone’s honest and wise deeds.

  • chris mack

    Ask any other team captain if Sanath deserves to play again after so many miserable performances. Management was found fault when he was not given to bowl vs WI and Aussies.The captain was wise not to give him to bowl or else he wud have been mercilessly thrashed. Management was also blamed for sending him low in order. He has a better chance of excelling lower down than opening. Result of opening – 3 miserable under 10 scores. He is selfish and greedy and cannot see writing on wall. I knew he wud fail in last match as it was obvious his reflexes are gone. He got out for only 1 run and he has to take a large share of blame for our not winning. He has deprived Upul and Chandimal of a rightful place. Sanath, please retire as u have made enough money and you are too old.


  • Chan

    It is time for sanath to call it a day. damage has already been done not just for him self but definitely for the young upcoming cricketers. The more he waits the more people will start to hate him.
    There is no doubt he did a great service to the country. But there is a limit to what one can do.
    Take Aravinda for example. He was dropped fr a short period, then selected back in to team. He took the full use of it to show some good performance with the bat and then retire. These great players deserve the respect through out their lives. But Jayasuriya simply being ignorant (or too greedy) is digging his own grave.
    I doubt they select him for the next season of IPL either.

  • riyaz

    why r u blaming sanath . what was kapu doing he scored 16 of 26 . where was sanga captcy . when it has raining why he opt for bat. sanga is not a good leader . why peere played only two overs when our run rate was not even 6

  • pinsara


  • kuma

    පන්දුවාර 20 – 20 ලෝක කුසලාන ක්‍රිකට්‌ තරගාවලිය

    “සමස්‌ත තරගාවලියේ ශ්‍රී ලංකා
    දස්‌කම් ගැන සතුටු විය හැකියි”
    – සංගක්‌කාර

    පන්දුවාර 20 – 20 ලෝක කුසලාන ක්‍රිකට්‌ තරගාවලියේදී ශ්‍රී ලංකා කණ්‌ඩායම සමස්‌තයක්‌ වශයෙන් දැක්‌වූ දස්‌කම් පිළිබඳව සතුටු විය හැකි බව ශ්‍රී ලංකා ක්‍රිකට්‌ නායක කුමාර් සංගක්‌කාර පැවසීය.

    පසුගිය 13 දා පැවැති අවසන් පූර්ව තරගයේදී එංගලන්තය හමුවේ පරාජය වීමෙන් පසු අදහස්‌ දැක්‌වූ සංගක්‌කාර පැවසුවේ සටනක්‌ දිය හැකි ලකුණු සංඛ්‍යාවක්‌ ලබා ගැනීමට ශ්‍රී ලංකාව අසමත් වූ බවයි.

    මෙම තරගාවලිය පුරාම පවර් ප්ලේ පන්දු වාර 6 තුළ පළමු කඩුල්ල වෙනුවෙන් සාර්ථක සම්බන්ධතාවක්‌ ගොඩනැංවීමට ශ්‍රී ලංකාව අසමත් වූ අතර, මහේල සමඟ ඉනිම ඇරඹූ ඩිල්ෂාන් හා සනත් දිගින් දිගටම අසාර්ථක වූහ.

    ගියවර තරගාවලියේදී ලොවම මවිත කළ ඩිල්ෂාන් ප්‍රථම තරග දෙකේදී ඉනිම අරඹා අසාර්ථක වූ අතර, ඉන්පසු පැවැති තරග 4 දී ඉනිම ඇරඹු ජයසූරිය ද දැඩි අසාර්ථකභාවයට පත්විය.

    තරගාවලිය පුරාම සනත් ජයසූරියට රැස්‌ කළ හැකි වූයේ ලකුණු 15 ක්‌ පමණක්‌ වූ අතර ඔහුගේ ලකුණු ලබා ගැනීමේ සාමාන්‍යය 3 .00 ක්‌ විය.

    මෙවර තරගාවලියේ වැඩිම ලකුණුලාභියා වන මහේල ජයවර්ධන (ලකුණු 302) ඇන්ජලෝ මැතිව්ස්‌ සහ චාමර කපුගෙදර තරගාවලිය පුරාම සාර්ථක පිතිහරඹයක නිරත වූ බව පැවසූ සංගක්‌කාර අවසන් පූර්ව තරගයේදී කාසියේ වාසිය දිනා පන්දුවට පහරදීම අවාසිදායක වූ බව තමන් නොසිතන බව පැවසීය.

    “අපි මුලින්ම පන්දුවට පහර දුන්නේ හොඳ ලකුණු සංඛ්‍යාවක්‌ ලබා අපේ දඟ පන්දු යවන්නන්ගෙන් එංගලන්ත පිතිකරුවන්ට පීඩනයක්‌ එල්ල කරන්නයි. ඒත් හොඳ ලකුණු ප්‍රමාණයක්‌ ලබා ගැනීමට නොහැකි වීම පරාජයට හේතුවුණා යෑයි සංගක්‌කාර පැවසීය.

    එංගලන්ත පන්දු යවන්නන් පන්දුවේ වේගය අඩාල කරමින් ඉතා විශිෂ්ට පන්දු යෑවීමක නිරත වූ බව පැවසු සංගක්‌කාර ජයග්‍රහණයේ සම්පූර්ණ ගෞරවය එංගලන්ත පන්දු යවන්නන්ට හිමිවිය යුතු බව පැවසීය.

    මෙම තරගයේදී වටිනාම කඩුල්ල වූ ලකුණ අතර සිටින මහේල ජයවර්ධනගේ කඩුල්ල සමඟ කඩුලු 2 ක්‌ ලකුණු 21 කට බිඳ දැමූ ස්‌ටුවර්ට්‌ බ්‍රෝඩ් තරගයේ වීරයා සම්මානය දිනා ගත්තේය.

    අඩු ලකුණු සංඛ්‍යාවක්‌ සඳහා සටන් කරද්දී පන්දු රැකීම ඉහළ මට්‌ටමක තිබිය යුතු බව පැවසූ සංගක්‌කාර හිමිවූ අවස්‌ථා රැසක්‌ ගිලිහී යැම සටනක්‌ දීමට බාධාවක්‌ වූ බව පැවසීය.

    මෙම තගරයේදී ශ්‍රී ලංකාව දුර්වල පන්දු රැකීමක නිරත වූ අතර උඩපන්දු මෙන්ම දුවද්දී දවා ගැනීමට තිබූ අවස්‌ථා රැසක්‌ ගිලිහී යනු දක්‌නට ලැබිණි.

    තරගාවලිය පුරාම ලසිත් මාලිංගගේ පන්දු යෑවීම ඉහළ මට්‌ටමක පැවැති බව පැවසූ සංගක්‌කාර මුත්තයියා මුරලිදරන් නොමැතිවීම ලොකු අඩුවක්‌ වූ බව පැවසීය. මෙම තරගාවලියේදී සෙසු පිතිකරුවන්ට තර්ජනයක්‌ වන අයුරින් පන්දු යෑවීමට මාලිංග සමත් වූ අතර දඟ පන්දු යවන්නන්ගෙන් බලාපොරොත්තු වූ සේවය සිදු නොවීය.

    ගියවර 20 – 20 ලෝක කුසලාන තරගාවලියේදී වීරයන් බවට පත් වූ ටී. එම්. ඩිල්ෂාන්ට සහ අජන්ත මෙන්ඩිස්‌ට මෙවර කිසිදු කැපී පෙනෙන දස්‌කමක්‌ දැක්‌වීමට නොහැකි වීම ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ පරාජයට ප්‍රබලම හේතුව වූ අතර ජයසූරියගේ අසාර්ථකභාවය ද පරාජයට ප්‍රබල හේතුවක්‌ විය.

    තරගාවලිය පුරාම මහේල සංගක්‌කාර, මාලිංග, මැතිව්ස්‌ හා කපුගෙදරගේ දස්‌කම් කැපී පෙනුන අතර සංගක්‌කාර පැවසුවේ නවක ක්‍රීඩකයන්ගෙන් මතු වූ දස්‌කම් ගැන තමන් සතුටුවන බවයි.

    එංගලන්ත නායක පෝල් කොලින්වුඩ් පැවසුවේ කිසිදු ලෝක කුසලානයක්‌ දිනා නොමැති තම රටට මෙම කුසාලන අත්‍යවශ්‍ය වී ඇති බැවින් ඕනෑම ප්‍රබල කණ්‌ඩායමක්‌ පරාජය කිරීමට තම ක්‍රීඩකයන් සූදානමින් සිටින බවයි.

    i think Sanga only taking ? he is play his lawer party . no need to talk . WE re orgation our team? jayasuriya now cant play cricket> CHINDIMAL its better open but , jayasuriya have now eye problum?
    so please SLC PLEASE tun up next touranments youngust ?

    dont . dont play political.

  • Suren

    Every player can have out out-of-form period. And for every player will come a time when he’s just simply over the hill. It’s up to the selectors and team management to make their choices considering each players current form.

    When a batsman who has scored a total of only 47 runs in his last 9 T20 matches, whose only high score is his age, who was dropped from a high profile foreign tournament because of poor performance, still gets selected to play in a crucial international tournament semi-final match, who do we blame?

    The player? The puppets who masquerade as selectors or, the PUPPETEER?


  • Manjula

    Sanath ruined all our dreams in the worldcup. Dirty politics palyed everywhere. It’s shame..he played like a fool and didnt have any any answer for the quality fast bowling. All the other players had to carry this old man’s burden. 12 runs in six innings…. No team can win mathches with this type of selfish players. Poor Sanga had to cope with dirty poltics. How he can win matches with 10 players. In IPL Sachin showed him the place he devered to be. But our selectors didnt have a backbone drop him. If Tharanga were there definetly we could have won it. Shame Sanath..pl..eeese retire gracefully…… You can play for the Masters matches with retired players not with these talented young players.

  • nagul

    please… santh time to retire….if you don’t now …you will endup as a laughing stock.nobody want that as you were done a great job changing the face of 50 over cricket.but time is up.wake up.

  • madhawa

    Sanath, you are a curse for Sri Lanka cricket.you did a great job for SL cricket. But now you have to retire from international cricket.Why selectors also hold him in the team.Are they afraid to him,because of political influences? I think selectors also should change now.Dinesh Chandimal is a great player.He played really well.I think he is a perfect substitute for sanath.I wish him for his future cricket career. SANATH PLEASE RETIRE NOW….WE RESPECT U..U DID A GREAT JOB 4 sl CRICKET..BUT NOT ANYMORE…

  • Sachin

    Please Sanath…It is time to retire now.Then you can fully allocate to your political works.

  • Dilshan

    Nw it’s time to retire S jayasuriya from international cricket .He should not play even upcoming T20 tournament vs NZ at USA.Young player should play instead for him. Then that player may be get more experience when the ICC worldcup 2011 comes

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnaZ7K27yng hari rohith

    dear srilankan team,
    do not loose heart , do well in your next fixture , all the best for your future fixtures, rgds , rohith from B’lore ( India ).

  • Perera

    Sana is not only the man who had to responsible for our failure. I think all the batsman have to think once again about their performance. They all batted recklessly. England came to the match with a good plan n I don’t think we got a plan like them. Mahela is the man who carried our team so far and when he falls all falls around him. This is a 11 players match and all 11 players have to do their best. If anyone fails to perform again and again why selectors want to play him again and again. Also Sri Lanka is a very good fielding side and when i saw their fielding last night i felt they r like school boys. Let’s hope Sanga and team do best in future tournaments unlike this.

  • Ranjan Rodrigo

    Why dont u get Sanath to read these commets? Even Daily Miror comments have 99% anti Sanath coments. These comments come from all ranks of society. U have deprived us of winnibg the T20. Pack up and go to parliament. Selectors too shud retire 15 years ago there was no political interference.Go man go

    Ranjan R

  • Black Monkey

    We should give sanath a pet name.??????

  • Deepak

    This is very bad for Srilankan Cricket.Some politicians keep playing on and on////

    These were his last 6 matches::

    Looks like a Phone Number….

    In INDIA cricketers would have retired at this stage with the exception of God Sachin who is much much much much better than Sanath considering that they have played for 20 years/

    I feel Very Bad For Srilanka Cricket Srilanka Fan.

    While India has selected a very young team for the Zimbabwe tri series (avg age of a player is 23)one must except SL selectors to select Sanath Jayasuriya instead of Chandimal Whom i thought was a very good player much like Virat Kohli.

    I am from India and i dont like Jayasuriya/

  • ss

    Shame on you Sanath

    nothing than a burden
    you are a GHOST who is tring to destroy young cricketers

  • susitha

    Why is sanath in the team?

  • http://no chama

    we lost because of poor team selection and poor decission making. Sanga and as usual de mel responsible for that

  • Cricket_Fan

    One word that can explain the loss: Jayasuriya.
    We were playing handicap cricket. 10 against 11. When the top most batsmen is a known failure, we are always playing catch up.

  • Muragedera

    because he is a ruling party politician dummy!

  • Russ

    Sanath played a big role in winning the 1996 World Cup. It is also abundantly clear that Sanath played a big role in destroying the chance Sri Lanka had for a second World Cup at the 2010 T20. He should learn to get out and do what he can when the time is right (which is way past now). This is also the problem of having greedy, spineless selectors who lick boots of anyone for power.

  • rajapakse

    ok now u removed my previous comment, n thnx for removing the poll on santh batting position, he should be at home, n do me a favour ,plz chase the selectors out of lanka, cheers to marvan attapattu

  • Nadee

    We have to be glad this team came even this far given the political interferences and the friction in the team. Lets hope our selectors learn from this for future tours, or else it might be too late for the 2011 world cup.

  • Priyantha

    Sri Lanka team includes a couple of currently out-of-form players, needless to say, Jayasuriya and Dilshan. Jayasuriya should push himself out of the team as soon as possible as it is obvious taht he has no ability to play now at international level. Dilshan is also very poor in batting except for very isolated one or two instances. I think this is the best result that our team should have at this time. At least this may lead to revision of the team in a good manner so that cricket in Sri Lanka will benefit, Sri Lanka as a country will benefit by some means and ultimately the game of cricket benefit. If someone is not accepting the truth, whether they are the selectors, politicians or players themselves it shows their foolishness, not any other thing. As cricket lovers, we have been left with only forgiving those people who repetitively do the same mistake.

  • arnold

    y is santh playing 2day he got out in the first over as usual n created the pressure , he should be banned frm t20, n even still if the selectors want to play him, its better the selectors also retire . i salute marvan attapattu for commenting on u guyz, he was the lanka hero
    the funny thing is that we the public r asking y is santh playing in the team but u guyz r having apoll asking wer should he bat , amma….

  • Pubudu

    Why is sanath in the team after very very poor performances in all 6 matches where as chandimal played really well in his matches and is out of the team?