Zimbabwe vs Sri Lanka

Runs:118 Wickets:10 Overs:
Bowler Wickets
Sri Lanka
Runs:119 Wickets:1 Overs:15.2
Batsmen Runs
LD Chandimal† 10
T M Dilshan 60

Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to field
Runs Balls
BRM Taylor† c †Chandimal b Fernando 02 05
GA Lamb c BMAJ Mendis b BAW Mendis 10 19
CR Ervine c Dilshan b BAW Mendis 07 20
CK Coventry c Perera b Randiv 11 11
E Chigumbura bowled b BMAJ Mendis 01 02
AM Blignaut c †Chandimal b Randiv 01 03
Graeme Cremer bowled b Randiv 02 03
P Utseya st †Chandimal b BMAJ Mendis 00 03
H Masakadza c Kulasekara b Fernando 62 69
RW Price run out (Perera/Fernando) 09 15
CB Mpofu not out 00 00
Extras 13
Total 118
Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Taylor, 1.5 ov), 2-28 (Lamb, 6.3 ov), 3-64 (Ervine, 12.3 ov), 4-83 (Coventry, 15.5 ov), 5-85 (Chigumbura, 16.3 ov), 6-86 (Blignaut, 17.1 ov), 7-90 (Cremer, 17.6 ov), 8-92 (Utseya, 18.5 ov), 9-116 (Masakadza, 24.4 ov), 10-118 (Price, 24.5 ov)
Overs Runs Wickets Econ
KMDN Kulasekara 04 12 0 3.00
CRD Fernando 4.5 26 2 5.37
BAW Mendis 06 21 2 3.50
NLTC Perera 01 16 0 16.00
S Randiv 05 23 3 4.60
BMAJ Mendis 04 12 2 3.00
Sri Lanka Runs Balls
U Tharanga RunOut †Taylor/Utseya 40 37
T M Dilshan NotOut 60 45
LD Chandimal† NotOut 10 10
Total 119
Fall of wickets: 1-86 (Tharanga, 10.5 ov)
Bowling Overs Runs Wickets Econ
CB Mpofu 2.2 17 0 7.28
RW Price 3 14 0 4.66
AM Blignaut 2 15 0 7.50
P Utseya 3 21 0 7.00
GA Lamb 2 20 0 10.00
E Chigumbura 2 15 0 7.50
AG Cremer 1 11 0 11.00
Basnahira North won by an innings and 108 runs
  • dankan

    hey dinesh chandimal jeewan mendis and thirimanne are out in asia cup squard due to aus a tour

  • k

    asia cup 2010 not official

    i prefer these guys..

    jeevan mendis
    jeewantha kulatunga must be in the team i feel sad for him… he is 36 years old and why cant them let him play atleast now.. heartless selectors..

  • lksj

    Thse selectors may have good relationships with older players(eg;Chamara Silva,Samaweera)

    Also captain`s involvementin selections is too much
    The best eg.for that is Sanga

    he gives more chances to players like Kandumbi & silva bcz ofhis good relationship with them

    Chandimal & Thirimanne should be regulars Specially Chandi,in SL team if we are to win a WC

    but i know thats not going to happen

  • kalpa

    v hav to play the same playing eleven for the comin match n saturaday, give angelo mathews a break & play him on finals.give chamara silva another chance & c,f u need to try out lahiru thirimanne then drop chamara kapugedara.

  • Ranjan Rodrigo

    This overides my previous comment an hour ago, so please delete previous comment. Thanks

    SLC Moderator,I am happy our comments are read by Selectors.Better still, if a cross section is sent to them. I have been reading most comments on SL cricket ,online in srilankacricket,Lankagossip,adaderana (tell Sanath which had 500 comments), lankaenews,srilankanguardian,dailymirror, island etc and have followed SL and world cricket for 40 years with the last 23 years from Australia and one has to get PayTV to see our matches ,if not have the patience to follow cricinfo, ball by ball text often at midnight,I dont want to enumerate my cricket genes( I was average and my dad used to repudiate me as a teenager, for listening and watching all Sports including Horse racing, at the expense of physically playing the game, and telling me that it reminds him of the retired lords in London relaxing in armchairs and watching 13 flannelled fools playing cricket.
    My only aim now is to see SL performing well in cricket . Being here in Australia and at my age,I have no hidden agenda.only SL cricket at heart and can see it crumbling unless steps are taken.to rectify it. My blood boils at some of the happenings .I am not a maestro but anyone who has spent so much time as me, will have the same expertise as me and be better than even test players .Cricket provides more joy and entertainment to me than what money can buy. What a joy it was to see Mahela’s name inscribed twice on the list of centurions at MCC , in the Long room at Lords, and to tell a group of foreigners who were with me, that he is from my country..
    As for the World cup,if we win it is a bonus.I am happy if we go down fighting in any match regardless of the outcome. Owing to circumstances, winning is an enormous task.For the future, my thinking is if we dont have enough ODI’s we shud play a couple of Trial matches among ourselves, but the criterion shud be on performane and not be that the top scorers and bowlers are selected. If our interclub matches were confined to 12 teams, as was 25 years ago, the standard and competition would have been higher especially to judge up and coming players. Australia has only 8 teams in their competition and consistently performing in that competition bears fruit.
    Selections in last few years have been fair compared to 10 to 20 years ago when it was putrid and youngsters were hardly given a chance.Now it is better.In Australia,selectors seek the advice of retired players but in SL when they are serving for over 5 years, it breeds familiarity with the players and are beyond correction. Re previous comments, at start of a series, it is better to play with the established players and if they dont perform, youngsters shud play.I agree with tour management selection of the 2 Chamaras.Kapu failed and has been given chances and he can remain in the bench for someetime as Silva did. Since Silva has come after a lay off he shud be given at least 3 opportunities and if he fails, Chandimal or Tirimanne can replace him and they too be given continuity.Silva isa power hitter and he oozes in talent and lets hope he has matured and not try premeditated shots and feel he has to hit every ball. H e might do well as an Opener.Tom Moody it was who brought continuity for players to remain for say 3 matches like in Australia and he spotted Silva. Australia brought back Lehmann after a 4 year lay off and Katich after a while…Many years ago Tom Graveney too, and they all performed marvellously.
    As for comments that Seniors like Sanga and Dilshan are against the juniors it is not fair. I will not rush in Such was the case over 8 years ago. That status quo can again arise if the seniors dont have competition. Seniors shud not feel they are indispensable.Cricket is a game which many know on the surface only and such people have to be made to understand.Sanath is an example where if he hits a dynamic century with sixers, the whole country is thrilled, and forget that invariably he has failed about 5 other times. Fans who know cricket only on the surface are gullible and think htting sixers are the be all and end of the game..In Australia and elsewhere, players either retire or are dropped at around 35 years.Sanath’s reflexes are gone and having failed and dropped in the IPL by none other thanTendulkar, he shud not have been selected for T20.Further he will be a year older next year, and he shud realise he is depriving a deserving a youngster of a place. One only has to read comments emanating from people of all walks of life (and political affiliations)denouncing his selection and they have all lost respect for him.If he is selected as a middle order bat, it will only show bias and pressure will be on him to perform and if he fails,the whole country will hold him responsible if we are defeated. Just take a secret vote among the club cricketers of the island , and u will find 90% saying he does not deserve a place. Mark Waugh was dropped at 35 years of age in spite of having scored a century in one of his last innings as they felt he will be too old for the following years World cup. Sri Lankan cricket affairs is a laughing stock among some foreigners.
    Lastly, our players must have CONSISTENCY and that will come if there is competition, and our Seniors should not be made indispensable.We need a Sports psychologist who will certainly transform our team, as we cannot handle pressure when chasing a big score and seem to give up a match whenever we are in a losing position.
    Ranjan Rodrigo, Australia

  • Janith

    Yes definetely Chamara Silva’s place should be replaced with Chandimal for the next match, and also should give a chance to Thirimanna avoiding Samaraweera.Samaraweera is great player but I dont think he is good in this format.

  • vajira

    wats about jeewantha kulatunga

  • Sandesha

    SLC Moderator,

    sorry for our tough comments. but its really hurts as Cricket lovers coz we also lyk 2 see our team in the no 1 position.

    anyway url SLC has no right just do something coz SL has few ODI matches before the world cup so give the youngsters the chance before its too late.

    as Save chandial said lots of teams now is depend on their youngsters but our team is stil depending on the old guns.. not all only Sanga, Mahela, Dilshan, Murali.. wat abt Mathews???? did he had lot of expeirience befor comming to the international level no.. i kno mathews rly well he was a normal cricketer who give his 100% n when he got the chance he gave his all n now he’s the best upcoming player in the world.

    so cant Chandimal do the same???(i dnt have any favourations) give him the chance he’s giving his 100% as u saw in the last match he kept wel n encouraged our players also from behind the wicket. how it feells when u have 2 nomimies in the ICC awards as best upcomming players.. (Mathews/Chandimal).

    There are some gud players lyk Anjelo Perera.. what yourl do to protect them?? they will play well but when they dont get chances they willl go some where els to play club cricket. thats not the way they should be treated.

    i know im not a expert but these things are comming from our hearts as from every 1 here. if i can do anything im doing. so now i can do only publishing comments so hope our comments will do something to our future SL cricket.


  • Save Chandimal

    agree with Sandeesha

    these guys dont do anything other than removing our comments when they gone clueless

    there should be a strange reason for not including Chandimal

    @ SLCT moderatorer-

    Pls tell us what`s the reason
    we have a right to know that
    If officials arent giving him a chance , they should have let him to Tour Australia with the A team

    Dont give me pathetic reasons like “he is too young””innexperienced”
    “only 9 months for the WC” & bla bla

    how many days it took Umar Akmal to be the no 1 ODI batsman in Pak team..?
    he is younger than Chandi

    how many days it took Dhoni to be the no 1 ODI batsman in Indian team
    What about Poul Dumminy of SA..?

    Do you think we can win the WC with players like Chamara Silva, & Kadambi or even Samraweera

    Do you think these guys will score 100s in 70-80 balls in Indian pitches when we have to chase 350-360

    if e are to win a WC we should have players as good as AB De villirs,Yuvaraj & Dhoni

    Dilshan, Mahela & SAnga cant win matches alone everyday

    +why Dilshan is keeping wickets…..?
    i know they included chandi bcz its a 27 ove game
    U guys hate youngsters……….thats the bottom line

    • SLC Moderator

      Save Chandimal,

      All selection decisions are taken by the selector on tour appointed by the Ministry of sports. SLC has no right to intervene in to selection decisions. But as we mentioned before your valued comments are read by all authorities concerned ranging from coaches, administrators to even selectors.

  • Sandesha

    SLC Moderator
    thanx for your quick feedback… we realy appriciate it if it is happening as you said…

  • ravi

    I think dilshan more ferver for Chamara that why he is play????????????
    But thiramnanna good player? Don’t use diffarance diffrance spoons diffrance diffrance players. Dilsha, Manager (Anura) please be houest?

  • Sandesha


    Are we waisting our time by pubblishing our comments here???????

    Every one who comes here to see n publish comments are cricket lovers n who lyks to see the Sri Lanka in the no 1 possition in the world. we put comments not to destroy Sri lankan cricket only to push forward the Sri lankan cricket. but i havent seen any of our comments are getting a reply. y??? we are all waiting to see Sanga to hold th 2011 world cup.

    guys cant we do something to sri lanka cricket? i know we r not experts but we love cricket n we like to give something to SL cricket,,, Am i right????

    we lyk if they are considering our comments also but i cant see that. We all shouting, fighting for nothing here, as SL cricket lovers we also thinking about sri Lankan cricket & waiting for a change but we cant see that.

    guys we’ll see what will going to happend in the next few months. we always with our team n we’ll publish our comments & its up to the selfish officers wether to consider abt comments or not.

    if we can do somethin we’ll do. & i hope we’ll come with some good things in the future.

    all the best SL cricket… CHEERS…

    thanx… (specialy for the selfish officers whos trying to destroy SL cricket)

    • SLC Moderator

      SLC appreciate all comments put forward by Cricket lovers. All valued comments are published in the site for authorities concerned to have a look at.


    Hi guys i agreed with you’ll but we should respect our senior players coz they have done so much for srilanka cricket coz of them only all youngster are playing like this. coz of aravinda we won the world cup.. what a greatest strok maker sanga…… dilshan can changed the match any time..opposition teams always afraid to him.. we cant regognize the good players withing 1 or 2 matches … my concern is we have select good 15 experince players for next year world cup.. hope we have good team… BUT PLEASE DONT INCLUD THE HON:MINISTER SANATH JAYASURIYA. THANKS

  • Pinsara


  • Deepak

    I am an Indian but i would like to make a comment….
    Personally i dont want to see thilan samaraweera in the sri lankan side….
    He is very slow and cannot even hit two debutants for a four….
    I would like to see Dinesh Chandimal and Lahiru Thirumanne and jeevan mendis….
    What are the coaches doing?
    If i can trace my memory,chandimal played well in a world cup match and then was not picked….
    As an Indian i hate to say this but i think that certain characters in the sri lankan team are afraid of the likes of chandimal as they feel that he may take his place

  • sugath

    is that true Siniour players Chandimal ta “Kapilla”daanawa kiyanne..?????


    Aranvinda said yesterday wih Sanga they wont give a chance to youngsters in the World Cup if they havnt played atleast 50 ODI s exept Mathews..??????/

    that means Chamar Silva & Kapu will be in th team whethr they perform or not……….???

    Shame on all Seniour Cricketers & Selectors…

    Sachin , Dravid ,Ponting these guz never behavedin such a shamefull manner

    Chandimal is more talented than Sanga & Dilshan…
    Even talented han Aravinda

    SL crickt lovers should join together against this

    they are trying o destroy that wonderful young talent

  • Mal Mama

    hy Dilshan & Sangakkar is jelous of Chandimal

  • Mann

    Chandimal was wondrful once again

    but i know that selectors will drop him in the next match to giv Samaraweera a chance for no reason(they gav chandi a chance bcz its a 27 over match)

    Pls keep Chandimal in the team,Drop Chamara Silva

    Our seniour players are afraid to give Chandimal a chance bcz hey know he is lt btter than them

    Selfish Sangakkara, & Dilshan want to destroy Chandimal bcz they know that Dinesh Chandimal is Amazing

    Our players should take a lesson from payers like Sachin & Dravid
    they help youngsters like Virat Kholi,Rohit Sharma & thats why thy are performing well
    thas wh every one love Sachin & Dravid

  • Ozzy

    Good match today for Sri lanka considering it being a rain curtailled match,but putting Zimbabwe into bat on a pitch which had lot of moisture,movement,bounce and spin it was a ideal set up to Crush the Zimbabwe batting lineup by some smart,accurate bowling and some exeptional feilding and later some aggressive but elegant batting the Lankan Lions.

    Bringing back greenhorns Chandimal and Jeewan Mendis is some clever thinking from the selectors i must say.Chandimal ‘s WKT keeping was very professional and even took the catch of Brendon Taylor to give Sri Lanka their first scalp,didnt look like he was keeping for the first time in International match,he was encouraginly noisy behind the stumps to help his players stay focused in the field.Finished the job scoring 10 not out with a back to form Dilshan .Reminds little Kalu to me(Chandimal)
    Jeewan Mendis was exeptional with his leggies and fielding picking up 2 important WKts for SL with the best economy of the match of just 3 runs per over.
    But the main bowlers who did the damage was Man of the Match Suraj Randiv 3 wkts,Ajantha Mendis 2 wkts and Dilhara 2 wkts as well.
    Dilshan and Tharanga batted well tom put up astand of 86 for the 1st wkt to seal the game for Sri Lanka.Dilshan brought up his 18th fifty in ODIs.Tharanga scored 40.Earned bonus point by reaching the target 10.4 overs to spare.