Women’s Cricket Division I

Women’s Cricket Division I Fixtures 2012/2013


  • Air Force SC
  • Palink SC
  • Colts Cricket Club
  • Southern Ladies CC
  • Navy SC
Date Host Opponent Venue
21-Nov Air Force SC Lanka Womens Rifel Green
Colts CC Navy SC Colts Grounds
Palink Southern Ladies FTZ Grounds
23-Nov Colts CC Lanka Womens Colts
Date Host Opponent Venue
26-Nov Air Force SC Southern Ladies Rifel Green
Navy SC Parlink SC Navy Sc
Date Host Opponent Venue
28-Nov Air Force Sc Navy SC Rifel Green
Colts CC Parlink Colts
Lanka Womens Southern Ladies FTZ Grounds
Date Host Opponent Venue
3-Dec Colts CC Air Force SC Colts
Lanka Womens Parlink SC FTZ Grounds
Navy SC Southern Ladies Navy Sc
Date Host Opponent Venue
5-Dec Parlink SC Air Force SC Rifel Green
Navy SC Lanka Womens Navy Sc
Southern Ladies Colts CC Colts
Date HOST Opponent Venue
7-Dec 1 vs 4 Moors
7-Dec 2 vs 3  Thurstan
10-Dec FINALS Colts


Semi Finals & Final date and venues subject to change depending on qualifing teams.
All matches must be played on turff wickets.
Please note only 01 team will be demoted to Division II as there were several temporary withdrawals that were requested, therefore this was ratified by the tournament committee