Score Card: Semi Final- SL v NZ

  • Premasiri

    Had Dilshan & Sangkara were little bit sensible the yesterday’s win wouldn’t have been that difficult. After they had overcome the difficult initial stages, they should have avoided all those cross batted lofted strokes because they are experienced enough to know, how difficult it is a new batsman to start their innings all over under those tough batting conditions. Luckily we had a half fit young batsman of good reflexes in Angelo Mathews & much neglected veteran of all seasons in Samaraweera. The young 20 year NZ’der Kane W’son is a treat to watch. It is good food for thought for our selector to concentrate more on our intelligent promising energetic proven young players of good reflexes who can quickly get adjust to any situation, rather than employing same ordinary aging club cricketers for tours after tours.

  • mohammed Hussain

    dont give chance for Chamara Silwa again give chance for Chamara Kapugedara he is the best for final

    • Gayan Jayaratne

      ur crazy

      • Sahan

        Why,you are his bbrother,father or what?….!!


    it was legend it is sri lanka we are proud as sri lankan as like captain says middle order should take responsible in crucial matches. i hope in the final whoever in the final no problem play good cricket be calm show your talent do not aggressive even opposition players comment make angry show your reply with aggressive play only however good luck do not miss the golden opportunity.

  • buddi

    Are these selectors going to the finals with Chamara silva. See what he did yesterday. He must be replaced by Kapugedera

    • Gayan Jayaratne

      yeah right (sarcasm) moron

  • Kee

    For the final game all Tranga, Dilhsan,Mahela, Sangakara must score considerably well! in order win the final game and to hold the World Cup. Unfotunately Mahela didn’t score for PAK vs SL and NZ vs SL game, i don’t know what is going with him he has to get better than going down.. My bit of advice what i noticed ball went faster to wicket than the action on the bat.
    For Fast bowler and even spinners you have to be ever ready with eye and with the bat.
    I wish well for Mahela to play better with confidence and SL team to play Hard on the final game!

  • Gamaya

    Chamara Silva is not in good touch. Kapugedara will do better than him. He also is a hard hitter of the ball and might come handy in powerplay overs. I think the selectors will consider this. Otherwise our middle order will again stay weak in the final.

    • Gayan Jayaratne


  • chethika premarathne